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They Are Legal I Swear!

Friday, January 28th, 2005

So check it out . . . my boy Coin just launched a new site that is packed with more teen girls then I have ever seen. As a loyal visitor of Naughty Empire it is your civic duty to pay homage to my friends sites . . . so get your lotion and head on over to High School Kittens and check out all the sexy non nude teen galleries that he has going on over there.

You will find all the girls from the Naughty Empire Naughty Girls list and even more sexy girls!

HIGH SCHOOL KITTENS – Go There Now Fuckers

Moving is a Bitch!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

So I am in the process of moving into a new house . . . which is a good thing . . . upgrade and a step up on the social ladder – but damnit does this shit suck. The metrosexual in me is forcing myself to go out and buy all new shit . . . I think I have probably pissed away about 4 grand in bedroom furniture this week . . . all just to wait for the fuckers to deliver it.

Luckily tomorrow being Thursday all my shit will come to an end . . . I get the keys – movers will have the truck their waiting to unload . . . and life goes on. Just a little rant to let off some steam.

So I don’t really feel like putting together some nice pictures and shit for you guys today instead I will just link to some pretty hot chicks.

My future ex wife Rachel19 in a black dress
My girl Just Sasha wearing some crazy fucking purple wig . . . oh yea she gets nekkid

My job is done here for the day.

Teenie Video –

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

So yesterday I mentioned that you guys should head on over and check out one of the newer sites on my roster . . . Teenie Video. Well it turns out that you guys must all like the hot teen girls getting naughty so I went ahead and put together some more action for everyone.

Site Name: Teenie Video

More Free Shit from
Three Teen Sampler

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Vegas Strippers Take a Stand

Monday, January 24th, 2005

This type of shit always gets me feeling all warm inside. Now – I don’t like going to strip clubs – I go from time to time . . . but have only gotten 1 dance in my entire life! However . . . I am all about em – which is where this story is leading.

Basically there has been some law in Vegas stating that strippers cannot “grope” or “fondel” their clients. I mean . . . what the fuck is the point of going to a strip joint if that shit can’t go down . . . may as well stay home and watch movies. But anyhow . . . some horny judge finally ruled this bullshit as “Unconstitutionally Vague” . . . take that you fucking do gooders – even the law is on our side!

That is all I have to say today . . . if you are bored check out Teenie Video or something.

NEW LAUNCH > Brazil Bang –

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

Not only do I write a bunch of bullshit on Naughty Empire . . . but I also am the technical right hand of a pretty large porn site network. So I am gonna go ahead and spam the shit out of you guys for the single fact that I can!

We recently released a kick ass new site . . . Brazil Bang . . . and let me tell you . . . I am a white bread kinda guy only but the asses on these brazilian bitches made me go crazy. The fact of the matter is this is the only site that has 6+ Brazilian sluts bouncing on big black cocks. Never will another site be able to top our ability to put together the largest brazilian orgy ever! Anyhow – here are some free pictures for your cheap asses!

Brazil Bang Pictures Brazil Bang Pics Brazil Bang Gallery

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For more great brazil pics and movies head on over to Jays page for Brazil Bang

Paige Davis Stripping Nude

Saturday, January 22nd, 2005

No longer is Trading Spaces for chicks and gay dudes. I cannot tell you how many countless hours my ex-girlfriend would force that damn show on me . . . needless to say I can sponge paint like a limp wristed tea drinker! Anyhow . . . my painting skills hold no light to what brings me to post today. In my quest to find top of the line scandelous information I find that the sexiest thing to happen to Trading Spaces, Paige Davis, was being naughty and decided to do a little strip tease while she was out on the town one night.

Paige Davis Stripping Paige Davis Stripping Paige Davis Stripping

Just Sasha loves Naughty Empire!

Friday, January 21st, 2005

So my favorite Canadian amateur pornstar calls me up the other day and she tells me how much she likes the new idea behind Naughty Empire . . . so I made her get naked for us! I present to you in true Naughty Empire style Just Sasha getting naked for all of Naughty Empire!

Pics of Just Sasha Just Sasha getting Naked Nude pics of Just Sasha

If you want to see more great pictures of this smoking hot Canadian chick getting naked head on over to Spades Amateurs collection of Just Sasha

New Movie Breakdown

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Most people know that I am a fan of the silver screen . . . so I can’t think of anything else to post today so I will ramble about todays fine movie releases.

Assault on Precinct 13 – Ethan Hawke . . . Larry Fishburne and Ja Rule (what the fuck?)
From the previews it looks like this remake might actually be okay . . . except for the Ja Rule part. Who lets that guy into a movie after his graceful display in Fast and the Furious! Anyhow . . . Ethan is always a kick ass dude to watch – even moreso when he is pounding the shit out of Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives – oh boy. Anyhow basically Ethan Hawke is a copper and he has to unite inmates and other swine to hold up against attacking mobsters. Sounds decent.

Are We There Yet? – Ice Cube and nubian princess Nia Long
Woohoo . . . Ice Cube is back in the movies playing the part of a bachelor destined to shop lift the punani from the mother of two mongrels . . . which is hottie Nia Long. From the previews it kinda looks like a Disney version of Friday. I recommend taking your girlfriend to expunge all possible thoughts of children.

Rachel 19 . . . Mmmmmm

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Out of the depths of barely legal teen girls stripping for money comes a new hottie that is sure to turn heads!

Lets start out this section with a bang . . . and I mean a big bang! So my friends over at Dubious Media hit me up and tell me they have a brand new solo girl site about to come out. So as always . . . I get a bit excited – the solo girls are the shit! So they kick me the URL and damn . . . to my surprise this chick is hot! Her name is Rachel and her site is called Rachel 19
You know how Naughty Empire does it . . . here are a few sample galleries for your perusing
image image image

Rachel puts out more than most but still doesn’t get fully naked. Which is great if you are into that pure angelic sort of thing. I personally wouldn’t mind her getting but naked with a pocket rocket . . . but hey . . . we all can dream right!
Either way I really think everyone should take a quick minute and take the tour on her site . . . I am pretty on when it comes to these chicks!