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Paris Hilton Camel Toe Picture

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005

Rut row . . . the heiress is at it again . . . however this time you don’t have to pay for these crazy chicks pussy shots! We bring you Paris Hilton in rare form of showing off her goodies in this super sexy camel toe picture!

Click the thumb below to see our picture of Paris Hilton’s Camel Toe!

picture of paris' camel toe
Paris Hilton’s Camel Toe Picture

Oh My . . . Katie Cute

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Alright boys and girls . . . I am proud to present a new love of my life! Her name is Katie Cute and her site literally just launched about 3 hours ago. This brunette teen is fresh out of high school and is naughty as can be. I just cruised through the members area of and this chick is just smoking hot. Not only does she get topless in a bunch of the sets but she also has a ton of movies and pictures of her playing with other chicks! What more could you ask for in a brand new teen site like Katie Cute’s.

I went ahead and got you some sample pictures from the members area of Katie’s site so you can see just how cute she really is! Also head on over to Katie Cute personal site for instant access to this jam packed members area.

Free sample pictures from Katie Cute (Click on the image for the full size)
Pics of Katie Cute Pictures of Katie Cute Pics of Teen Katie Cute

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NEW LAUNCH > 2 Chicks 1 Dick

Sunday, February 13th, 2005

Man o Man . . . If I was gonna be a stunt cock I think I would pay to be one of the dudes from this site. The name of the site is “2 Chicks 1 Dick” and it means just as it says. You take two hot ass girls and throw them in the room with one dude.

Let me be the first to say you will be amazed by the type of shit that comes up in this scenario . . . you got a dude fucking one chick while she is licking the pussy of the other girl. Or you got a nice circle of oral sex flopping around. All and all this is just nuts . . . I will be bringing you some pics and movies later on so stand by . . . but in the mean time go check it out.

2 Chicks 1 Dick

Movies from Dirty Danza

Saturday, February 12th, 2005

Check it . . . my boy Danza just relaunched his sites and has some pretty great crazy shit going on.

To give you guys a bit of a back ground . . . Dirty Danza is like a younger Max Hardcore. He takes sluts off the streets and sticks his cock so far down their throats they end up vomiting all over his cock . . . you are in for a rough pill to swallow!

So I bring you 3 great free movie galleries from Dirty Danza’s very own site.

Dirty Danza Movie Gallery #1 – Cute brunette slut getting hollowed out by Dirty
Dirty Danza Video Clips #2 – Blonde getting a cock shoved into her stomach
Dirty Danza Movies #3 – Blonde slut with big tits getting cum all over her face

Motherfucking Morons

Friday, February 4th, 2005

So today I decided to take the girl shopping . . . i know . . . how queer. I had good intentions . . . it is the second part of her birthday present. Anyhow – back to the moral of my story. We walk into this chick store called XXI she picks he hottie skirt and a shirt to go with it and we venture to the checkout counter.

It must have been just during shift change because we watch this girl walk away with her registered to be replaced with this dude with spikey hair . . . my guess probably from Puerto Rico or one of those other fucking islands. So we get up there and hear him talking to his coworker about the hot girl that just walked out . . . so instantly proved to me that he was not gay. Let me break it down for you . . . if you are not gay and working in a womens clothing store I have much pitty for you. Basically you are waving a flag saying “My game is so weak I need all hours of my day to get laid!”

So finally he stops oogling the chick exiting to realize that we are standing in front of him. He rings her clothes up and it comes to $41 and some change (hot girl clothes are so cheap!). So I give him a hundred dollar bill and he goes for change – because of the shift change he couldn’t break it so he calls for a manager. Instead of making us and everyone behind us late I manage to put together $42 and give that to him instead. This guy looks at me with such a look of amazement . . . his head must have been burning up inside. He flat out told me that he could not change the bills tendered, that we had to wait to get change for the $100. Two or three minutes pass and still no manager – still refusing to take the $42. Finally the girl next to him working gave him the change and we were on our way. What a damn hassle!

Fuck Shopping in Central Florida!

Next Door Nikki

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

Okay it is time for me to start influencing all of you in the ways of these hot solo amateur teens that decide they want to start getting naked and making their own website. These girls are my favorite and after spending some time with me you will also fall victim to the dark side!

Todays chick is Nikki from Next Door Nikki . . . now what can we say about this girl. Her tits are real for one . . . nice big and perky – to big for my likes but everyone else loves the shit out of them. Nikki is not afraid to drop down into her panties and take extremely sexy pictures . . . her site reflects all of this. It gets updated 5 times a week . . . probably the most often around!

Site Name: Next Door Nikki