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Camel Toes, College Girls Defined and Foil Fetishes

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

camel toe skillsSo on my cruise around the net today I came up with some pretty cool stuff . . . there happens to be a service in Atlanta that you can pay $269 to join the mile high club

Then some chick on webshots has the pussy lip control to hold a dollar bill between her lips while wearing spandex . . . I guess that is neat.

Simone over at Points In Case decides to breakdown each type of girl you will run into on the college campus . . . she hits a bunch of them right on the mark and is definately worth the read

Last but not least I am gonna spin you some wierd shit . . . we found a directory of pictures of what I can only tell is a nerd and his girlfriend just playing around with the camera and pushing the nudity hand. But the more I flipped through these I noticed that he was wearing a thong made out of tin foil . . . am I the only one that finds that odd?

Cute Kim

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Lets take some time to add another naughty girl to the roster . . . today I bring you the super hottie Cute Kim . . . she is a friend of my boy Jason and she wanted to make some money online like most these sluts do. So he was kind enough to take some pictures and shit to get her started. Anyhow . . . Cute Kim is a sexy blonde chick that seems to love dildos in her pussy . . . can’t complain about that can we?! I have set up some sample pictures from the tour over at Cute Kim’s website. So hit that more button and check em out.


[qdig path=cute-kim size=L links=thumbs alt=”Naughty Empire’s Cute Kim Pictures”]

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The Ultimate Beer Bong

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Well shitboy . . . seems like some college dude in Idaho decided that he would take his astute knowledge of making things and his love for beer and make The Ultimate Beer Bong

Basically it looks like a monster hooka . . . but it is probably the coolest thing I have seen all day

I’m getting one

Follow the more link for pictures of the ultimate beer bong

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Ashley Olsen’s Boobies

Sunday, April 24th, 2005

Ashley is my least favorite of the O Twins . . . but she is still a cutie . . . but nothing compared to Mary Kate. Anyhow . . . I guess the other night Ashley Olsen was out doing what other billionaire teenagers do . . . and she happened to show off a little too much skin. Her low cut shirt almosts gives you the side shot of her boobies . . . which are very small might I add.

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Weekly Moral Advisory – 5 Sounds

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

The sun is out and the view is beautiful this week. You’re feeling like an almond joy. Sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don’t. Well this week you should shake off the dust and feel like one. It’s a good time of year to give someone a candy bar.. maybe two. I want you to put yourself in a state of Zen by focusing on the top 5 sounds that make you feel good and then go out and experience at least 3 of the five this week. Think of it as a homework assignment. Below I will breakdown mine.

1. A women moaning “Aye papi” really loud
2. The idle of a nice straight pipe V8
3. The rev of a 10,000 rpm motorcycle
4. The sound of booming bass in a stereo
5. I women moaning “Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop”

It’s a work in progress but for now that’s my list. So here’s my plan. I will ride my motorcycle to my girlfriend’s house doing 100 at 10,000 rpm. We will do it in her car which happens to have a really nice idling V8 while I jam her stereo on like 11 on the volume knob. In between songs if I am lucky I will here “I papi” and “Don’t Stop” at least once each before I engage in what I like to call my “O” face which has been described similar to a diabetic seizure. I will then proceed to reflect on my homework assignment feeling proud that I will be giving myself an A, wondering if everyone else had the same kinda luck I plan on having.

And if all goes well, I will give her that almond joy while I am addressed as Mr. Goodbar. So if you know someone who could use a candy bar this is the week to treat.

Real Arizona Amateurs

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Well it is time for another great site release by yours truly . . . We just launched Real Arizona Amateurs and you guys get a first shot at seeing it. Guess there are some perks to coming here day in and day out!

Anyhow . . . basically what we have over at Real Arizona Amateurs is a bunch of never seen before chicks from . . . Arizona – go fucking figure. There are only about 2 girls that have ever been on the internet before in our collection of Arizona amateur teens. Real Arizona Amateurs is packed with full length movies of these girls and their boyfriends just looking to pick up some extra cash by having sex on camera.

These are so real that you even get some premature busts and all kinds of crazy shit – all and all just really good amateur porn.

Of course I’ve got some free pictures for ya just click on the “more” link below to see them

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Beer Does the Body Good

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

So I was cruising College Humor and came across this great little picture gallery of some hottie blonde showering her self in Budweiser . . . mmmmmm. I know they say beer is good for your hair but for some reason I really don’t think that is what she was going for . . . probably the wet t-shirt is what tipped me off. Anyhow . . . this girlie is cute – click more for the pics

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Bridget Maasland

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Well . . . going around looking at some euro websites I ran into this complete hottie from the netherlands ( i think ). Her name is Bridget Maasland and she is one smoking hot blonde. I have gathered up a bunch of scans of her pictures from her April issue of FHM that the dutch folk get.

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Learn Something

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Hmm . . . while there really hasn’t been dick happening in the world that has any sort of excitement. However . . . some wanna be killer whale decided to impregnate a bottlenose dolphin and ended up becoming the father of the first Whale-Dolphin Hybrid . . . guess that falls under the interracial cradle robbing niche.

Those dudes that write for Deadwood have an insatiable apetite to drop the f-bomb . . . and some fucking loser decided to go through and count em . . .
Total fucks in series: 1519
Cumulative series FPM: 1.45

Total fucks in Season Two: 688
Average fucks per episode: 98.3
Cumulative Season Two FPM: 1.84

Total fucks in Season One: 831
Average fucks per episode: 69.3
Cumulative Season One FPM: 1.23

What the Fuck?

May 3rd is “No Pants Day” so start shopping for sexy panties girls

Whoever sent me this link to Abstinence Only will be getting a swift kick to the balls if I find out who you are . . . this is a PORN RELATED SITE . . .

Anyhow . . . I am done with this . . .

Katherine Heigl Nude

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

So this chick must have slipped past me in some other life . . . but she is a hottie for sure. These are some pictures pulled from various shoots of the oh so sexy Katherine Heigl. I really like the school girl looking one

katherine heigl pics katherine heigl nude katherine heigl wet