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Sleep Assault – Sleepassault

Friday, October 21st, 2005

Time for another fun porn site from my bag of wierd ones . . . today we are gonna look at Sleep Assault . . .

Well what can I say about this modern wonder of the porn world . . . it basically simulates a guy approaching a girl which she is sleeping and he decides that it is time to fuck! While I do not really condone this sort of behavior . . . shit happens.

Reminds me of a time that I was sleeping and I woke up to find my MALE roomate giving me a blowjob . . . mind you he is a gay and I am a sexy bitch . . . I guess he was out partying all night and decided he wanted some companionship . . . needless to say I was fucking pissed – so I told him “You finish up and get the fuck out of my room!” (okay this was stolen and not true unless you are the dude that wrote it Dane Cook – you silly bitch)

Whoa back on track here ADHD boy. Anyhow – one thing can be said about Sleep Assault is that the chicks are pretty dang hot . . . and there is a slight appeal to wanting to fuck a chick while she isn’t looking . . .

Last thing before the pictures . . . Sleep Assault does a good job of sticking with the theme but how the fuck can a girl still be asleep when she is getting fucked in the ass?!

sleep assault - sleepassault.comsleep assault - sleepassault.comsleep assault - sleepassault.comsleep assault -

Not Skurred

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Lets delve into the psychopathic mind of mine and bring some light into a few of my more social problems. I am a self induced insomniac workaholic genius. My boy Jay refers to me as “super boy wonder mad scientist genius” but I will be modest and just call myself a Golden God. Now one may ask how you achieve these ranks of self modification . . . its easy – don’t be scared of anything. Well boys and girls this is only part true . . . although not much scares me and I push the limits of my body and mind to the farthest regions imaginable . . . I too get scared . . . of one thing . . .

Meet my nemisis

troll from cats eye

Now you may ask yourself another question . . . “Isn’t that the troll guy from Cat’s Eye” – yes it is . . . fuck off

When I was a wee tot I was a fan of scary movies. So one day my pops decides that we are gonna sit down and watch Cat’s Eye . . . all was good till the 3rd book of the story in which that little fucker crawls out of the wall and tries to suffocate Drew Barrymore. Don’t get me wrong – he should have killed the bitch. Anyhow – something about the way that little fucking troll walks around with his jingling hat and crazy little sai knife that has haunted me since that day. Since that day I haven’t truly had a good nights sleep without the aid of Remy Martin or copius amounts of Jagermeister . . . the jingle jingle just makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom – and I also gave up Christmas . . .

So there . . . its okay to be skurred . . . just don’t tell anyone . . .

oh ya . . . fuck off Wyatt

Freaks of Porn

Monday, October 17th, 2005

Just in time for Halloween I found this crazy new porn site. It is called Freaks of Porn . . . and it is definately a little on the odd side! I honestly thought it was a joke untill I realized that Freaks of Porn is actually doing this for real!

Haven’t you ever wanted to see Frankenstein hollow out some hot pussy – me either really but the site is fucking hilarious! Funny that this site is released just in time for the halloweenies . . . but honestly it should probably be worth a good cheap laugh and you can join for a dollar for 3 days.

freaks of pornfreaks of pornfreaks of pornfreaks of porn


Webshots – Spin the Bottle

Monday, October 17th, 2005

Oh how I love college girls . . . but here is something that I have found . . .

Today’s webshots collection comes to us from the girls up at the University of Wisconsin. Now let me explain something – girls in Wisconsin are not the hottest chicks on the planet . . . however they are two things . . . 1) Raging alcoholics 2) Dirty little sluts

I spent 2 weeks up in Wisconsin doing a college party tour and the holy land of cheese and beer is jam packed with plentiful amounts of easy pickins. Seriously if you lower your standards just a little bit and have a city boy look you will go far in that cold barren land.

Here is some pictures of these hot coeds playing some spin the bottle . . . there is a slight possiblity they are all pussy lickers.

university of wisconsin girls kissinguniversity of wisconsin girls kissinguniversity of wisconsin girls kissinguniversity of wisconsin girls kissinguniversity of wisconsin girls kissinguniversity of wisconsin girls kissinguniversity of wisconsin girls kissinguniversity of wisconsin girls kissing

Check out the whole collection

Today’s Free Pictures

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

Brooke Skye

Saturday, October 15th, 2005

So my buddy Jay hit me up today to tell me about this company that is shooting all their online porn in HD . . . its about fucking time. So I go take a look at their stuff and sure enough they have some really high quality shit – even more so they have Brooke Skye . . . yum.

This Brooke Skye chick is a dirty girl . . . she looks all wholesome and sweet but it doesn’t take alot to get her to sit on her girl friends face till she damn near passes out! Anyhow – here is a couple free pictures for Brooke Skye

brooke skye in white lacebrooke skye in white lacebrooke skye in white lacebrooke skye in white lacebrooke skye in white lacebrooke skye in white lace

Want more Brooke Skye? Click here for

Snapshot of Society

Friday, October 14th, 2005

So my buddy knows I am always on the lookout for some controversial shit . . . it is just my style to get in the mud and fling that shit all over the place. However I am undecided on my his latest find for me. I have always held a very strong moral stance on the youth of America . . . well everywhere for that fact. I am a member of the ASACP and being a pornographer I am the first one to bust down the door on someone who may be pushing the limits with the underage ticket. With that said . . .

This picture is just fucking funny.

owned by a little girl

Crazy Bikinis

Friday, October 14th, 2005

While these are no bikinis of the year these are some pretty wild and creative ways to cover up your special places girls . . .

candy bikiniphones ringingdeal with this bush

Topless Sports News

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

I think I have some sort of sick obsession with news anchors . . . first there was the naked news reference in our girls after school post. Then my personal favorite news anchor Melissa Theuriau and her website.

Well now we have a new one to add to the list . . . Topless Sports News

Granted it is not nearly as educational as watching naked news or Melissa . . . its topless girls with big ole titties trying to be cute and explain what happened this week in sports . . . I am thinking it is a win win situation.

Some Porn Chicks

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

chrisy moran in a bikini sandra shine in a red dress alena stripping lenka gets naked