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MySpace Pics > Drunken Hottie Orgy

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Ah yes . . . once again MySpace came through for me . . . I was getting pretty bored there for a little while simply because there was not enough time for my to sift through all of the mindless gelatin that makes up college people’s lives in order to find photographic excellence . . . however today I found the holy grail

myspace pics < drunken orgy

Yea . . . I think today I will go ahead and retire from posting myspace pictures . . . not sure this one will ever be topped.

Here are the suspects:

myspace whoresmyspace orgy pictures

Ryan Takes over the Playboy Mansion

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Haters step up . . . I gotta story to tell.

So 2 weeks ago I went out to Los Angeles for a adult webmaster convention . . . which normally are not my favorite things in the world. However this one had a special spin to it . . . We were invited to the holy grail of all places . . . the Playboy Mansion!

So it goes down like this . . . we meet at a hotel to catch one of those limo bus things around 8 . . . and off we headed up into the hills. About 20 minutes later we arrive at the back gate of the Playboy Mansion . . . look out motherfuckers. We were the first ones to get there so the cod to rod ratio of playmates to fuckups was pretty strong . . . so we took advantage of the odds and laid down some game . . . who was I trying to fool . . . these are fucking playmates!

ryan at the playboy mansion

So that is Jay from Jays XXX Links on the left – me in the center – and our boy from OC Cash JC on the right. And yes . . . that sure is an abundance of Playmate pussy directly in front of us!

So after we pillage the land of all the houderves being brought around and the rest of the party shows up we go into recluse mode and start checking out the place . . . first stop – the Grotto! From there we went on the bird and monkey walk . . . what a trip that was . . . there is a complete fucking rainforest in his backyard . . . pretty damn pimp.

So after we did the sightseeing it was time to focus on the open bar . . . the playmates had their hands full with the not as distinguished side of our industry. Plus we were throwing a party at the Lucky Strike shortly after the Playboy party so we had to get going.

Our limo showed up and we were off to the Lucky Strike to get shit in line for our party . . .

To sum it all up . . . I left the Playboy Mansion early to go Bowling . . .

Milton Twins getting Fucked!

Sunday, November 27th, 2005

Good golly gosh . . . I am not sure how the Milton Twins pull this shit off to be honest with you! Check out this Naughty Empire gallery of our two favorite teen sex freaks as they both take on one dude.

Man since I debuted the Milton Twins two weeks ago you guys have been going nuts about them . . . so I thought I would get your some more of these tasty brace wearing twins!

Could you imagine fucking the same guy as your sister . . . at the same time! That is what the MiltonTwins are all about . . . they don’t seem to care . . . which is pretty neat. So yea . . . here is a quick gallery of both of the Milton Twins getting down and dirty on some lucky motherfucker. Enjoy bitches

miltontwinsmiltontwins.commilton twins - miltontwins.commilton twins - miltontwins.commilton twins - miltontwins.commilton twins - miltontwins.commilton twins - miltontwins.commilton twins -

Jacinta from Cali Teens

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

JACINTA FROM CALI TEENSSo one of my new favorite sites is Cali Teens basically because the girls on their are not always that hot . . . every now and then you get a bad egg and you know things are real. However in todays case this chick is hot.

Her name is Jacinta and I can’t tell what ethnicity she is . . . probably a little black and white mix . . . but without a doubt Jacinta has it going on! Here are some pictures of Jacinta getting down and dirty for the Cali Girls Camera

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Veronica – Big tits in all white

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Here is your daily link to a hot babelog posting that I have found . . . her name is Veronica and boy o boy she is a hottie. In this collection she is wearing nothing but a white tank and a white thong . . . you can’t really go wrong.

veronica in white tank and white thong

The Sloggi Girls

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Okay . . . who the fuck knows what “Pure Bodywear” means but it is the slogan for the new clothing company Sloggi. But who really gives a shit about that anyhow . . . what I am here to talk about today is their advertising prowess and the ability to work in scantily clad hotties wearing just about nothing . . . Sloggi has my business and I don’t even know where to buy their shit. Anyhow . . . check out the sloggi girls . . . you won’t be mad at me.

sloggi girlssloggi girlssloggi girlssloggi girlssloggi girlssloggi girls

17 Guys that can fuck your girlfriend

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

JT over at Deadly Hippos wrote a killer article about the 17 Guys that can fuck your girlfriend and you can’t bitch about

Here is a quick excerpt

We’ve all been there. Whether you were watching a movie, a TV show, a sporting event, anything, and your girl hints at the fact that she thinks another man is good looking. You aren’t sure how to react to this “over-share” of information. Should you be mad? Should you just let it slide? What is a real man to do?

Well my friends, there are three different types of men in the world and they will react to this tidbit of knowledge in the following ways:

1.) Guy who gets pissed at his girl – This man is a control freak and can’t handle his woman not being submissive at all times. This slip of the tongue alone will cost his woman a rather significant beating, no telling what he’ll do if she actually cheats on him. The next day she will tell her coworkers that she slipped on the ice… they will know the truth.

2.) Guy who doesn’t care – This man is so laid back and easy going that his girl would have to be literally sleeping with his best friend in front of him, while repeatedly kicking his dog and calling his mama foul names in order to get a reaction out of him. Many girls can’t handle this type of man because they think he doesn’t care. In most cases he doesn’t. If he catches his girl cheating he will most likely just leave her and move on with little to no drama. Unless she is extraordinarily hot, in which case he will bang her one more time before moving on. (this is the category I fall in)

3.) Guy who gets pissed at the other dude – We’ve all heard the saying don’t hate the player hate the game. Well this guy hates both of them and will kick the shit out of them if they ever lay a hand on his girl! In fact don’t even look at his girl. Why are you staring at his girl from across the room? Because he will march right over and smack the hell out of you right in front of the minister. He doesn’t care if its his wedding. You better not look at his girl!

The problem with these guys is that there is a gaping loophole that they may not know about. There are a group of individuals out there who you cannot, under any circumstances, get mad at your girl for boning. In fact, you would be disappointed to learn that your girl had passed up a chance to bed one of these select few.

Christina Aguilera Camel Toe

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Oh man you guys know how I love to find public shots of Camel Toes on celebrities . . . hell I think if I were a chick I would purposely do some of this shit. Anyhow . . . today I bring you a nice picture of a camel toe shot from the one and only Christina Aguilera . . . or as I like to call her Xtina . . . whore

christina aguilera camel toe

Oh boy . . . that at that venus meat trap hanging down . . . kinda scary actually! Still doesn’t beat my favorite camel toe picture yet . . . the famous Paris Hilton Camel Toe shot!

Akira playing by the Pool

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

I like an occasional dose of Asian poon . . . but all and all I like to stick to my white girls. However if you have ever watched asian porn in the last 5 years you will know Akira . . . she is kind of the matron of Asian bitches in the porn world . . . and in this picture set it kinda shows. Granted her fake tits look like they belong on a 22 year old that face of hers looks like it has been worked over a few times. Anyhow . . . heres to an oldie but goodie . . . Akira

Akira playing by the pool

Zdenka is Special

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Okay it is pretty rare that I come across a picture gallery in which the girl has big tits and I like it. But this gallery of Zdenka has me at salute . . . its probably because she reaks of eastern european sluttyness . . . but hey . . . I dig that shit! Check out this free gallery of Zdenka as she pulls off her purple panties and gets all naked for ya

zdenka getting naked