Pigtails Round Asses – PigtailsRoundAsses

Since 2005 was the year of the ass . . . lets go ahead and end this year off with the newest big round ass site on the net – Pigtails Round Asses. This is quickly growing on me as one of my favorite ass sites yet . . . basically because it is alot like our big white booty site called Phat White Booty. However PigtailsRoundAsses has something that ours doesn’t . . . much less interracial hardcore action! All the girls are smoking hot and have these perfectly round asses with thin waists and big ole titties . . . not sure how that happens but damnit it is hot. Pigtails Round Asses has a ton of very high quality video and image content in the members area so you should definately head on over there to check it out. As always here are a few of my favorite girls from PigtailsRoundAsses.com

flower from pigtails round asses
Flower is exactly the kind of girl we look for here at PigtailsRoundAsses. 1. She has cute blonde pigtails. 2. She has a PERFECT big round ass. 3. She will ride your cock until you can barely stand up anymore. 4. And as a special treat to our members, she does some SPECTACULAR anal action in her full video. Come on fellas, we gotta save something for the paying cumstomers 🙂 I guess you’re just going to have to join and see what I’m talking about!

tiffany from pigtailsroundasses
When sitting back and looking at all the girls who shot with us for this site, it was an easy choice when it came to figuring out which girl would come out front and center. Tiffany Rayne has the kind of ass that makes grown men weep, and she looks all cute and innocent with her blonde hair done up in pigtails. Looks can be deceiving though, because our guy was soon using those same pigtails to ram her backwards on to his pole. God Bless America!

courtney from pigtails round asses
Think back to high school. Remember that one cheerleader who you would go home and jerk off at night and fantasize about? You know…the blonde hair, the big tits, the perfect round ass in that tiny pleated cheerleading skirt. Courtney Cummz is that girl! We even had her wearing those knee high white athletic socks that look stupid on dudes but so fucking hot on a stellar piece of ass like Courtney. Its time to reminisce, fellas, so grab that KY and pull up a chair!


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