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OPP – Ria Lynn, Cassandra Lynn, Latina Cherries and Kate loves Starwars

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Time for another great batch of Other People Porn – today is brought to you by my buddy Splum over at The Sex Blog. Be sure to head over there and check out his behemoth piles of pictures that he adds everyday. Anyhow today we have some pretty cool stuff . . . Ria Lynn is getting busy in College Teens Bookbang. Cassandra Lynn is wearing a hot lingerie ensamble. This Latina bitch is rubbing cherries on her nipples and Kate from Kates Playground shows some love for Starwars! Here are the pictures!

ria-lynn.jpg cassandra-lynn.jpg cherries.jpg kate-starwars.jpg

Movie – Argentina’s Swimsuit Goddes Silvina

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Really this is just a test using the embedded player from YouTube . . . but this chick is smoking hot.

The movie is after the jump
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Dirty Laundry – Fast and Furious, Wingman Tragedy and Eliza Dushku

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

I am a fan of Fast and the Furious . . . I know I know . . . Here are some spy pictures from Fast and the Furious 3
Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad . . . well not really good but the alternative fucking sucks
Yay for Eliza Dushku – a pretty cool compilation reel
If you haven’t been to the Eros Blog before go there now
If you like lesbian porn I have a cool gallery website called Sapphic World that I just updated.

Rookie Babes – Amber

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

So this is a new section to Naughty Empire . . . entitled Rookie Babes . . . and it is definately gonna be a great addition. If you don’t know what is you are missing out. Basically it is an awesome collection of NON-PORN chicks that like to get a little crazy and show some skin. I really like the site because the girls are chicks you would see that the supermarket or something . . . just normal chicks.

Anyhow – this weeks featured Rookie Babe is Amber. Amber is a petite brunette from Houston, Texas where she is an executive assistant. Anyhow – check out Amber’s Profile (also has a video message from her and a bunch of information). Amber was the first Rookie Babes girl so she has a ton of content in there as well. Today I will bring you a free little taste of what you get in the members areas of!

Pics are after the jump!
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Night Invasion –

Friday, January 20th, 2006

Oh joy it is time for some more crazy porn! Today’s site if for all you Paris Hilton Sex Tape fans . . . a true night shot porn site that simulates sneaking into girls house’s that are sleeping and getting them to have sex with you . . . it is properly called Night Invasion! is a little creepy but I can gladly call myself a fan. Fact of the matter is – all girls are hot with the lights turned off! Night Invasion is alot like Sleep Assault – a site I talked about a few months ago. However I am leaning more towards due to its more real feel! However the truth be told . . . a girl is gonna know when she is getting fucked in the middle of her slumber! Like always I will hook you up with some free pictures and shit from Night Invasion . . . most of the good stuff is over on the tour though so go check that out!

Night Invasion
I often eavesdrop on my neighbors’ erotic conversations. Her boyfriend and I work together and he brought up the fact that they wanted me to help her fulfill her Night Invasion fantasy. One night when it was pitch black they left the door unlocked for me… I pretended to sneak into her place. Her bedroom was SUPER dark… .she woke and got on her knees begging me to feed her my cock.

Night Invasion
This lovely lady answered one of my online personal ads telling me about her stalker fantasy. I grabbed my camera… followed her around for a day… When nightfall came I headed into her house. Once finally inside I had to back away when she started moving around, grabbing for a blanket… after some time I realized she didn’t want to go anywhere… I began my exploration of her tight body…

Night Invasion
My next subject turned into a week long setup. After we met she told me where she was going to be and wanted me to spy on her. I spotted her at the pool… I watched her for a while… then I waited ’till about 2am went for it! The key she gave me worked like a charm and when I got to her bedroom she appeared to be sleeping like an angel… I finally got the see her shaved pussy I’ve been dreaming of!

OPP – Mora Black and Eva Shine

Friday, January 20th, 2006

Todays “Other Peoples Porn” comes from our friends at Whoa Babes

Eva Shine
This is Eva Shine . . . she is a hottie and in this set she is getting a little freaky with a glass dildo

Mora Black
This is Mora Black – she has a perfectly shaved pussy

Dirty Laundry

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Isaac Mizrahi gropes Scarlett Johanssen’s boobies
A bunch of porn parodies of real movies
Snow bunnies getting almost naked

Big Mouthfulls –

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Not really sure how I let such a great site like Big Mouthfulls slip through the cracks! But anyhow – today we are gonna talk about one of the oldest Bang Bros sites on the net – hell may have been the first one! Anyhow – contrary to the name the site isn’t all that dedicated to cum swallowing or blowjobs – it is just a really great hardcore site that features some of the hottest and most exclusive porn chicks on the net. You can always rely on Big Mouthfulls‘ ability to pull some decently hot cooze and serve it up for you – let me show you what I have found!

Lets start out with my favorite so far . . . This chicks name is Cassie and she was on Big Mouthfulls a while back – you can see why she has stuck in my brain . . .
cassie from big mouthfulls
Cassie is a real sex loving chic , she comes off as shy , but , give her a little dick action and she gives a mean blowjob. So when she got to my flat I had her take off all her clothes and show me her tits and ass . She got in the mood and ready to fuck. First she gave the dopest blowjob, then she rode for a while. man, her pussy was deep! The whole time I was filming this movie, she kept screaming for my cum in the mouth . I fucked so deep and hard and she loved every minute of it . I love amateurs! ENJOY!!! Click here to check our a free sample clip of Cassie

Next we are gonna take a look at Jamie go head up with a treetrunk swinger!
jamie from big mouthfulls
Jamie is a slender and sexxxy porn model with a hunger for men’s cum. Although she’s a little shy she still managed to tease the fuck out of Preston and drive him crazy. Then she started working on her cum reward by sucking real hard on his dick which didn’t even fit in her mouth. Then they moved on to the fucking and she got filled up like twinkie and loved evry minute of it. And at the end she got what she came for; a bigmouthfull, ENJOY!!! Click here for a free sample movie of Jamie

To finish it all off lets check out the Big Mouthfulls girl Molly
molly from big mouthfulls
Molly is a hot 18 year old with a hunger for cum in the mouth. So, I invited her over and fucked her all afternoon. We started off by getting a little aquainted and talking about her love of cum. Then she sucked my dick and wouldn’t let it go. Then I started to fuck her and she loved it. She moaned and said nasty things as I fucked her. Finally at the end she got what she came for. a bigmouthfull! .. Get this hottie’s complete exclusive movie in the Big Mouthfuls members area – or you can click here for a free sample movie featuring molly from

So hopefully that satisfies some of your BigMouthfulls desire – however you really should head on over there and check it out for yourself!


Dirty Laundry

Monday, January 16th, 2006

Okay I have decided to add another category over here at Naughty Empire . . . it is called Dirty Laundry!  Basically this will be my ongoing collection of crazy links to porn . . . cool sites . . . all that sort of shit.  So lets get it started!

If you get a chance go Save Manny
Cindy Crawford loves to dig in her nose!
Or how about the awesome ass of Kylie Minogue
Just a collection of nice asses for 2006
These girls look really cold

OPP > Models Cassandra Lynn, Tiffany Fallon and Lynne Kush

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

Today’s Other Peoples Porn is brought to us by Secksee . . . not sure who he is but these galleries are pretty special so just go with it! I like Lynne Kush . . . Cassandra Lynn is a playboy model and Tiffany Fallon looks like my ex girlfriend.

Tiffany Fallon Cassandra Lynn Lynne Kush