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Georgia Black Caucus “Soul Food Dinner”

Friday, February 17th, 2006

So my step dad works for a pretty big production company here in Atlanta . . . so they had like 3 shoots going on yesterday and they were short handed so they asked if I could spare a day and come down and lend an extra hand. I said sure . . . “what will we be doing?” They just said to meet at the warehouse at 11:15 and we will be going downtown to shoot for the Department of Labor.

So I go along with all of this – we get down there to see a huge banner hung up in the ballroom that was once an old train station that reads “Welcome Geogria Black Caucus Members” . . . words cannot explain the feeling I had at that moment! We were hired to come setup big movie theatre sized screens for playback of the speakers and setup sound for their performers.

Lets regress – basically this is an annual dinner that all the black dignitaries throw every year for their caucus members and supporters. Basically a big black ass kissing dinner with all of the Georgia political figures.

So we get all our stuff setup and in come the people . . . we got the whole color spectrum of african colors coming through the door like it is gay days down in orlando. From headresses to robes . . . it was a true african fashion show.

The dinner was catered with some quality soul food . . . from fried chicken to colored greens and okra . . . it was a southeren feast like no other. Now I can get down with some southered food any day . . . spare ribs, and other porky goodness are a staple food of my diet and always will be . . . guess it is the black in me.

All was going well and civilized until Reverend/Senator Jessie Meeks from Illinois gets up as the keynote speaker. Now this cat was fired up . . . and in his reverend voice just starts hammering on oppresion and how the black people of america are being held down by the man. He even slipped and referred to the Senator of Georgia as his nigga . . . then backpeddled into an explanation of how the term nigga should be used. It was about this time that the mater d (spelling?) comes over to me and says “If he keeps up like this there is gonna be a riot!” – Pretty funny shit.

So all and all it was decent experience of black power at work. I think next time it should be called the “200 man march” though.

Assulum seleka maka nika 😉

The Girls of NOPI Nationals 2005

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Girls and fast cars are always great . . . but there is something about NOPI that really brings out the true slut in any chick. If you have never been to a NOPI event whether it is Hot Import Nights or the Nationals . . . you really are missing a good piece of pop culture. Whether they are black asian or whitey white the sluts come out in masses to jock the fast cars and get up on stage to shake their asses! It is a wonderful thing!

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Beach Bikini Girls

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Girls in bikini’s on a beach really go together . . . like apple pie, baseball . . . beach bikini girls should be considered a past time. So check out this cool movie clip of a bunch of different girls in bikinis playing around on the beach . . .

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Why is grape gatorade blue?

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Thats all . . .

Cum on Candi –

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Cum on Candi - cumoncandi.comThis girl is for all you goth lovers out there . . . she goes by Cum on Candi . . . which is quite fitting because it seems like nothing makes her happier than having a nice load blow all over her. In this set here CumOnCandi is out on the town wearing a Black latex trench coat and a fishnet outfit with some tape over her nipples! Pretty cool stuff and Cum On Candi’s site has more of the hardcore stuff if that is what you are looking for. For the time being this is what you are gonna get!

Click here to check out

The gallery is after the jump

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Bangin Becky –

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Every now and then you gotta switch it up . . . being in porn for so long – from time to time you find a pretty cute off the shelf chick that you catch yourself turning your head at. In this case it may be Bangin Becky for some of you. Although BanginBecky is not the first solo plumper girl to hit the internet . . . I think she is probably the hottest. She has nice tits and her belly doesn’t look like it would get in the way when you are fucking her! All and all Bangin Becky would probably be good for a quick tryst or two!

You know how we do it here . . . after the jump you can check out a picture gallery of Bangin Becky. But also be sure to head on over to BANGINBECKY.COM
bangin becky
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Asian Girl Pouring Hot Wax on Herself

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

One of you Marine boys must have really pulled a number on this chick. Check out this pretty cute asian teen as she strips down into her panties and decides to pour some hot wax all over her stomach while on webcam. Somebody should really start regulating this shit!

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Sexy Teens Dancing

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

This has been around on the net for quite some time but fuck it . . . I am trying to build up the new section here at Naughty Empire . . . Naughty Movies. So check out these two teen chicks that decide to ditch school and stay at home to record themselves dancing in front of the camera. The hottie on the left can shake her ass pretty well . . . but the skinny one kinda just flails about. Pretty funny stuff actually . . . the movie is after the jump.

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Bodog Lingerie Bowl Pictures

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

While I was killing myself with triple shots of jager there was a true tribute to gaming events worldwide taking place. This would be the Bodog Lingerie Bowl. Basically it is a collection of superbly hot chicks dressed up in next to nothing that go out and put their tits on the line in a full contact game of football. How cute. This year the New York Euphoria took the title but who cares . . . lots of people took pictures . . . and that is what we are here to see right?! So I have compiled a list of great sites that have pictures from the Lingerie Bowl!…=1327292&G=Y…mplate0.htm

OPP – Big Tits, Wigs, and hot teens

Friday, February 10th, 2006

Todays collection of Other Peoples Porn is comming to you straight from DVS Babes – a great babelog that always features high quality galleries!

Renata from Reel Big Racks  Simony showing off her ass Renata in Red Anna Christina from Rookie Babes Cherry Caprice