Super Bowl xL

So it is Super Bowl sunday and I figure that me and my buddy could go down to the local watering hole . . . watch the coors girls and then have a few drinks.  So it begins.

We decide that we are going to go to a sports bar called Sidelines . . . a local place in Kennesaw that has a decent collection of chick waitresses and a pretty cool crowd of people.  So we walk in and grab our table and I soon realize that it was a Steelers bar . . . I am dressed in Seatle green.  I am the only person in the entire bar that is cheering on the Seahawks.

I paced myself at first with the drinking . . . not too sure if I was close to getting my ass kicked for pushing the team boundries with an occasional Yay for the Seahawks.  In the meantime my boy Mike is sipping down Long Islands like it is Hawaiian Punch and he is showing off his muscles to everyone in the bar.  Needless to say that I had to do some catching up . . . Enter the Power Drinker.  “Bar Maiden bring me Jager”.  Between the last 5 minutes of the 1st quarter and the end of half time I had 16 shots of the purple poisen and 6 bud lights.

The next part of the story reads like you are watching an episode of “E! True Hollywood Story”.  I woke up to Mike and his girlfriend staring at me on his couch – it is like 4am.  I soon smell a stench of wrongness that can only be vomit.  It is soon later that I realize that I had thrown up all over his couch . . . which was where I was laying.  Basically passed out in my own puke . . . pretty classy shit.

So when you fuck up your buddies couch in such a way you’ve got to get it replaced.  That is a whole nother story 😉

In the great words of Hollywood Chris – “Drink bitch, be somebody”

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