Georgia Black Caucus “Soul Food Dinner”

So my step dad works for a pretty big production company here in Atlanta . . . so they had like 3 shoots going on yesterday and they were short handed so they asked if I could spare a day and come down and lend an extra hand. I said sure . . . “what will we be doing?” They just said to meet at the warehouse at 11:15 and we will be going downtown to shoot for the Department of Labor.

So I go along with all of this – we get down there to see a huge banner hung up in the ballroom that was once an old train station that reads “Welcome Geogria Black Caucus Members” . . . words cannot explain the feeling I had at that moment! We were hired to come setup big movie theatre sized screens for playback of the speakers and setup sound for their performers.

Lets regress – basically this is an annual dinner that all the black dignitaries throw every year for their caucus members and supporters. Basically a big black ass kissing dinner with all of the Georgia political figures.

So we get all our stuff setup and in come the people . . . we got the whole color spectrum of african colors coming through the door like it is gay days down in orlando. From headresses to robes . . . it was a true african fashion show.

The dinner was catered with some quality soul food . . . from fried chicken to colored greens and okra . . . it was a southeren feast like no other. Now I can get down with some southered food any day . . . spare ribs, and other porky goodness are a staple food of my diet and always will be . . . guess it is the black in me.

All was going well and civilized until Reverend/Senator Jessie Meeks from Illinois gets up as the keynote speaker. Now this cat was fired up . . . and in his reverend voice just starts hammering on oppresion and how the black people of america are being held down by the man. He even slipped and referred to the Senator of Georgia as his nigga . . . then backpeddled into an explanation of how the term nigga should be used. It was about this time that the mater d (spelling?) comes over to me and says “If he keeps up like this there is gonna be a riot!” – Pretty funny shit.

So all and all it was decent experience of black power at work. I think next time it should be called the “200 man march” though.

Assulum seleka maka nika 😉

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