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Black Cocks White Sluts –

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

So if you cant tell from the title of this post this site is all about White Sluts who like to take Big Black Cocks in every orifice. I think these chicks are really addicted to the back penis and it shows in every movie on this site. So lets skip all the BS about this site a jump right into the gallery I used for this post.

So for this post I would like everyone to meet Jordan. Jordan is a pale ass white girl who loves to take the black cock. She looks a little unsure at first about these two dudes on either sider of her. Maybe she’s wondering if she can handle the black meat she’s about to get pummeled with.
Black Cocks White Sluts
I’m not sure how much Jordan enjoys taking two Big Black Cocks at the same time but she sure looks funny doing it. Just look at that puss while she takes a Huge Black Cock in the mouth. Fucking Classic!
Black Cocks White Sluts
Now I think she’s wondering if this was a good idea. Check out the look on her face! Hey Jordan wipe that look off your face while your taking two enormous black cocks! We know you like it.
Black Cocks White Sluts

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15 on 1 – Jane

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Alright everyone I have a smokin hot post for ya today. Today you have a chance to watch ultra hot women get used and abused like dirty little sluts. For this post I want to share a very special site with you. The site is 15 on 1.

If you cant tell from the title this site features super hot sluts getting used and abused by 15 different dudes at once! Thats right these chicks take 15 cocks an episode and thoroughly enjoy it.

So without futher adu I would like to introduce you to Jane.
15 on 1
As you can see from the pics below Jane sucks and fucks 15 cocks like a champ. I have alot of respect for sluts like Jane.
deecash 15 n 1
Not only does Jane take all 15 cocks like a champ she takes the load from each one. Any Chick who can take 15 cocks in the mouth, ass and pussy and take the load gets a naughty empire gold star.15 on 1

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Bangbus Prestents Shylove

Monday, March 5th, 2007

bangbros bangbusShy love is a hot tan girl with nice tits and a tight ass. Rumor has it she took 22 cocks in her ass last year alone! What a woman! For this episode of Bangbus Dirty Sanchez and the guys take her for a ride through a gated community to find a hard cock for her to enjoy, and what they found was some French dude who was totally down for the godless debauchery. bangbros bangbus
It didn’t take long for Shy to coax him into the bus and then the action started. Shylove sucked and fucked this guy silly and they got it all on camera.
bangbros bangbus
Click on any of the pics on this post to see the whole gallery or watch some hot clips from this episode on video. Now I know the video clips and picture gallery are gonna be a huge tease for everyone so Im gonna do you guys a solid. Im gonna tell you where you can download the WHOLE EPISODE and many more just like it. So take some good advice from good ol uncle C. Head on over to the Bangbros website, sign up and you will not be dissapointed.

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