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Naughty Girl

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
Naughty Tania

When I visited a website called Naughty Tania last night, I expected to find a site that focused on the sexual adventures of a horny little cock-whore named Tania. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the site’s star is actually a big hairy guy by the name of Torbe. As it turns out, Torbe is actually the star of the network that Naughty Tania is a part of so he also appears on a bunch of other sites. With that being said, there is some material featuring Tania on the site that carries her name albeit not a lot. As it stands there are about six average-quality movies and six variable-quality photo sets. A weird thing about the galleries is that they’re accompanied by write-ups that refer to Tania as Cherokee. It’s not like the two names are similar so I don’t know how that got screwed up. Like I said, there isn’t too much to see here but getting a membership might be worth it if you’re interested in seeing more of this Torbe fellow. If you only want to see more of Cherokee… errrrr… Tania, you might want to wait until this naughty girl adds more content to her website.

Latina Movies

Monday, April 28th, 2008
Border Bombshells

Over the last few months, I’ve heard countless horror stories about people having bad experiences south of the US border. With no plans to visit Central America in the near future, I had no idea that I’d soon be living my own Mexican misadventure but alas, it happened the other night and I didn’t even have to leave my home. My troubles began when I visited a website called Border Bombshells. It’s an amateur site featuring Latina babes who fuck and suck for cash so that they can afford to go to college. The cute models and interesting premise had me excited to see these cuties in action but things quickly went south (so to speak) when I tried to watch Border Bombshells’ videos. Out of the 20 or Latina movies offered on the site, not one of them worked. Not a single one!!!!! To make matters worse, there weren’t any photo sets to look at either and the site hadn’t been updated since 2006. I wouldn’t count on seeing an update any time soon. I noticed that you do get access to some bonus sites with a membership to Border Bombshells but that hardly made up for their own site’s shortcomings. After my brief but frustrating time on this website, all I can say is that Border Bombshells no es bueno.

Plumper Movies

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Are you in the mood to see some horny big beautiful women in action? If so, then you might want to go give Plumper a look. It’s a website on which you’ll find some BBW porn that’s both hardcore and exclusive. Although the site’s models aren’t on the slim side, the amount of content they currently offer is. There are only 16 or so picture galleries at the moment and approximately 19 plumper movies. That might not sound too great but there is some good news. First of all, the content is stellar. The pics are high-res and the videos look fantastic. Secondly, Plumper updates weekly so there should be lots more to see there in no time at all. While you wait for the website’s main content to grow, you might want to go enjoy the seven additional bonus sites that you get access to with a membership. These extra sites will provide you with over 290 more movies and in excess of 31,000 pictures. If that doesn’t make you happy then there’s just no pleasing you.

Amazing Tits

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I was watching TV last night when a commercial for Jennifer Love hewitt’s show Ghost Whisperer came on. About 30 seconds later, I found myself sitting on my couch wondering why anyone would watch the show. Going by what I saw in the commercial alone, the show looks dumb as hell and seems to feature acting on par with what you’d see in a grade school play. Shortly thereafter, the commercial came on again and suddenly everything made sense. “Oh, I know why people watch this,” I thought to myself. “Jennifer Love Hewitt has amazing tits!” This realization brought on a new question though. If people really want to see great titties, why don’t they just go to a website like Big Boobs In Your Face? It isn’t a huge site but it does offer exclusive content that looks great. It also gives its members access to a bunch of extras. Best of all though is that if you go to Big Boobs In Your Face, you’ll actually get to see some bare breasts and some hardcore fucking. You sure as hell won’t get that watching Ghost Whisperer. So if you only catch the show to see some awesome boobage, remember that there are better places to go.

Hardcore Shemale Sex

Monday, April 21st, 2008
Shemale Sex HD

My brother was looking through a flyer for an electronics store last night and I couldn’t help but notice that he was drooling over a big ass HD TV. It turns out that he plans to buy it even though he can’t afford it. Apparently he’s not going to let common sense or a lack of funds stand in his way of seeing crystal clear images when he watches television. Good for him… I guess. If you love HD as much as he does and have a thing for trannies too, you might want to give Shemale Sex HD a look. It offers its members around 12 videos and 12 photo galleries filled with chicks with big tits and dicks. As you’d expect, the movies look absolutely spectacular as they’re presented in high-definition. Lower-quality downloads are available too but I don’t know why you’d opt for them instead. The pictures on the site look good as well but they aren’t quite high-res. Signing-up for Shemale Sex HD gives you access to a lot of bonuses including around 20 additional sites. These extras and the high-quality main hardcore shemale sex content go a long way to justify the website’s pricey membership fee.

Mega Erotic

Friday, April 18th, 2008
Master Site Pass

I’m feeling down today so I’m gonna need something to cheer me up. I don’t do drugs and the bars aren’t open yet so it looks like I’ll have to turn to porn. I’m really miserable so it may just take a lot of porn to get me out of this funk. Luckily there are websites like Master Site Pass for just such an occasion. It’s a mega-site that gives you access to around 72 different websites that feature lots of varied material. You’ll find lesbians, gangbangs, Hentai, huge tits and a whole lot more on this network. There are approximately 3,000 videos and 640 photo galleries spread out over the many sites and just about all of the content looks really good. There’s a full review of Master Site Pass at Rabbit’s Reviews so you can go read it if you’d like to know more about this network or the mega erotic sites it’s comprised of. While you go do that, I’m gonna get started on masturbating my misery away. I’m sorry if that qualifies as too much information.

How To Make A Woman Squirt

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
Squirt Mov

As I write this, a couple of my co-workers are standing mere feet away from me, talking about how to make a woman squirt. That might be considered weird workplace conversation in most offices but not ’round these parts. We have chats like that all the time here at Naughty Empire headquarters and this particular discussion has inspired me to blog about a squirting themed website that I came across the other day. The site is called Squirt Mov and it offers its members something like 239 non-exclusive scenes taken from various DVDs. I know that non-exclusivity is a huge turn-off to some but if you give the videos a look, you might actually find yourself quite aroused. The content is hot, looks great and best of all, there’s lots of it. The site updates frequently too so that’s another plus. If you’re interested in seeing hardcore sex scenes featuring beauties gushing with pleasure, Squirt Mov is a good place to go to get your fix.

Asians With White Guys

Monday, April 14th, 2008
Asian Chicks American Dicks

After moving around some desks in the office this morning, my co-workers and I got to talking about Feng Shui. It’s an ancient Chinese practice that’s still used to this day. Without getting into too much detail, the practice basically involves arranging items in specific ways with the goal of achieving harmony within one’s environment. So if you’d like to bring some harmony into your life, consulting a Feng Shui master might do the trick. If you’re looking for an easier and less time consuming way of finding some harmony, you might want to check out Asian Chicks American Dicks. It’s not the best-looking site in the world but the Asian chicks you’ll find there are gorgeous. There are about 24 episodes available at the moment and in each one you’ll see a pretty oriental girl getting her pussy stuffed by a big fat American cock. New episodes are added every Friday but if you find yourself waiting for the next update, you can go check out any of the 14 or so bonus sites that you get access to when you get yourself a membership for Asian Chicks American Dicks. These bonus sites offer a lot more than just Asians with white guys, as they feature midgets, amputees and everything in-between. Getting access to these extra sites really makes the price of your membership well worth the cost.

Interracial Sex Videos

Friday, April 11th, 2008
Ebony Giant

Many of you have no doubt heard of the Jolly Green Giant and the Friendly Giant but how many of you have heard of Ebony Giant? For those of you who aren’t in the know, Ebony Giant is a great big DVD archive site that offers its members more than 1,257 full-length hardcore scenes. You won’t find any pictures or screen caps on the site but all the Black-on-Black and interracial sex videos you’ll see should keep you busy. The movies look good and you can download as many of them as you’d like since there are no download limits at Ebony Giant. New DVDs are added to the website every single week so be sure to check back often if you want to keep up with all their offerings.

Stolen Sex Tapes

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
Confiscated Home Porn

Those of you looking to get your fix of amateur porn that was never meant to be seen by the public will really enjoy Confiscated Home Porn. It’s a relatively new website that features some non-exclusive videos. Many other sites offer similar content but the quality of the material on Confiscated Home Porn sets it apart from many of its peers. The videos you’ll find on the site all look fantastic, which is really impressive when you consider the source of these movies. There are around 36 stolen sex tapes being offered at the moment but it won’t take long for that number to grow as Confiscated Home Porn updates three times a week. There are also 31 bonus movies you can watch when you sign-up for the site. In addition to this, your membership will get you access to some feed sites and a couple VOD websites.