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Mature Sex Videos

Monday, October 27th, 2008
Granny Ghetto

The thought of watching really old ladies fucking their brains out may be disturbing to some folks but then again there are guys out there who wouldn’t mind to see wrinkled beauties fucking wildly, unless it’s their grandmothers of course. If mature sex videos are your thing then you might want to check out Granny Ghetto where you won’t be disappointed by horny chicks in their golden years having hot hardcore sex. It’s a fairly new site and at the moment there are about 12 videos that you can stream or download in stellar quality Windows Media format. There aren’t any pictures but you do get access to 15 bonus sites including another matures porn site. The content is generally great but for now the episodes are far too few and updates are erratic to say the least but Granny Ghetto could be worthwhile considering that the price of membership is inexpensive.

Hot Wild Sluts

Friday, October 24th, 2008
2 Chicks Same Time

What guy in his right mind would say no when a couple of hot wild sluts invite him over to fuck their hungry pussies in a steamy threesome? For some it still remains a part of their wish list but then there are dudes lucky enough to get down and dirty with beautiful babes just like the guys at 2 Chicks Same Time. The site name says it all, a horny guy and two gorgeous gals fucking around like crazy. Last time I checked there are about 24 videos and photo sets available. The videos are excellent and they can be streamed or downloaded as Windows Media or MPEG files. There’s an iPod version as well so you can take all the hot action along with you. As far as the pictures go, they are almost high res and can be conveniently downloaded in Zip files. New content is added weekly and there are 20 bonus sites that come along with your membership so 2 Chicks Same Time is pretty much a good site to join.

Black Porn Stars

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Porn has really gone a long way from the time when we used to hide our adult magazines under the mattress. Now it just takes a few clicks and off you go. It’s good to know that our favorite mag has kept up with the times and Hustler is now on the web to bring you Hustlaz featuring banging black porn stars in extremely hot hardcore action. There’s no shortage of gorgeous ebony babes here because inside you will find 300 exclusive videos of steamy sex and 17 almost high res photo sets. You can watch the streaming videos or download them as Windows Media files. The quality is average at best and another downer is that the movies are DRM protected so you won’t be able to watch them when you end your membership which is a bit on the high end but it does include bonus access to 26 Hustler sites. All in all, Hustlaz offers a lot of content that you will surely enjoy if you don’t mind the expensive fee.

BBW Nude Pics

Monday, October 20th, 2008
Busty Fat Babes

A friend of mine is celebrating his birthday this month and since he loves looking at BBW nude pics, I decided to give him a month’s membership to a good BBW porn site. Busty Fat Babes is a relatively new site featuring sexy plumpers getting all hot and naked for your all BBW lovers out there. At the moment there are about 13 videos, 33 photo galleries and 10 sets of vid caps offering irresistibly sexy chubby chicks proudly putting their naked fleshy bodies on display in all of its naked glory. The quality is generally good but unlike the fat babes on display, I can’t say the amount of content is bursting at the seams. You do get access to two bonus sites but unless there is an improvement on the update schedule, membership to Busty Fat Babes may be good for only a month or so.

Wide Open Pussy

Friday, October 17th, 2008
Fully Fisted

I’ve seen a lot of nasty stuff on the net since I discovered online porn and there are some things I wouldn’t mind giving a try provided I meet a horny chick kinky enough to do them with me. On top of my list of things to do is to fuck a wide open pussy after a hot fisting session. I’ll have that one crossed out as soon as I find a dirty babe like the girls at Fully Fisted who enjoy having an entire fist shoved up their pussies and even their assholes. When I checked it out there 10 episodes of mind blowing pussy stretching filmed in awesome POV. The videos can be streamed or downloaded as Windows Media files and you also get great looking photo sets and vid caps with each episode. There isn’t much content available at the moment but updates happen about every two weeks. You can wait around until Fully Fisted grows a little bit or sign up now and enjoy full access to 18 other bonus sites and 57 video feeds that come along with it.

Girls Jacking Boy’s Off

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
Handjob Hussies

Way back in high school when I started dating, most of the girls I hooked up with weren’t really into sex so I had to content myself with getting a hand job or the occasional blow job. Now that I’m hooking up with nasty babes who I can fuck any way I want, I still enjoy a good hand job from time to time and if they’re as hot as the chicks are at Handjob Hussies then I wouldn’t mind watching them jerk off my hard cock. Inside you will find about 13 great quality videos and photo sets of beautiful girls jacking boy’s off until they get their pretty faces creamed with loads of hot sticky cum. The action is hot but the amount of content has much left to be desired. The good news is Handjob Hussies is a part of a huge megasite so you get bonus access to 18 other sites and 57 streaming vids along with your membership.

Bizarre Vaginal Insertions

Monday, October 13th, 2008
All Fits In

I have this officemate who told me a story about a time she went on a business trip and forgot to pack her dildo. Let me just say that she is one freaky babe who is always horny. Kind of like a female version of myself. To make a long story short, she got so horny that she used the closest thing she can find to a dildo and fucked her self silly with the TV remote control. If you think that’s kinky then wait until you see the hot chicks at All Fits In who get off on bizarre vaginal insertions. From bottles to vegetables to household objects, nothing is safe from these freaky girls’ hungry pussies. There are about 39 videos available for download in great quality Windows Media format and 99 photo sets containing big, high-res pictures. Aside from that, you also get access to eight quality bonus sites. I’m not really sure how frequent the updates are but with all the great stuff I saw and the bonus content, All Fits In is definitely worth checking out.

Asian Lesbian Sex

Friday, October 10th, 2008
Brokeback Asians

When I took a trip to the Far East a few years back I was fascinated by the pretty petite chicks I saw all around me. I mean, I can’t really imagine these soft-spoken and well-mannered ladies fucking their brains out in my modest collection of Asian porn. I guess under all that finesse and culture there’s a sex-crazed slut just waiting to be unleashed. Brokeback Asians is one Asian porn site that I came across recently and it features gorgeous oriental girls getting it on with each other for some sizzling lesbian action. It’s basically a DVD site where you can download full-length videos of sexy babes in awesome Asian lesbian sex. At the moment there are about 69 DVDs available for download in great quality Windows Media format. As far as pictures go, there aren’t any but you’ll get an idea of what’s in a particular DVD by an image of the box cover. Aside from Brokeback Asians you also get access to tons of great Asian porn so this site is definitely worth a try.

Big Tits And Ass

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
Big Boobs Fat Booty

More often than not, we tend to go for gorgeous girls with big tits and ass as opposed to less endowed chicks with tiny boobs and average sized butts. Fortunately for us, there seems to be no shortage of pretty babes with big boobs and round booties because the net is bursting with these sexy ladies. One such site featuring busty babes with big butts is Big Boobs Fat Booty. Last time I checked there are about 40 episodes of delectably sexy chicks stripping naked before sucking and fucking away like there’s no tomorrow. Each episode comes with a video that you can download in good looking Windows Media format and a photo set of high-res pictures. New content is added weekly so expect Big Boobs Fat Booty to grow even bigger. You also get access to five bonus sites plus two more on the way so it really is worth a try despite its high end price tag.

Hardcore Porn Videos

Monday, October 6th, 2008
X Rated Pornos

2008 has been a difficult year so far with the oil problem we had early this year and with the financial crisis we’re facing today. With prices everywhere skyrocketing, we really have to be wise about spending our hard earned money. That’s why I’ve been surfing the web for good mega sites where I can get lots of great hardcore porn videos at a reasonable price. One such site that looks promising is X Rated Pornos. It consists of 27 sites covering various genres and niches ranging from one on one sex to teen porn to mature porn plus a whole lot more. Best of all, you get exclusive content of about 1,991 videos and almost 1,600 bonus ones that you can stream or download in average looking Windows Media format. There are no pictures, however, only vid caps. Updates are added daily so expect this site to grow even bigger. X Rated Pornos may be a little bit pricey but with tons of content that you get, I’d say it’s a very good deal.