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Wife Switch

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

As popular as reality tv is right now its no surprise to see another porn parody of a very popular reality tv show – this one is called Wife Switch. I love it, This site mixes curious newleyweds with veteran swingers to make a total wife swapping fuck fest.
Check out these two couples – The Klines and The Prices
Both of these Horny Wives are super hot and as you can see they both cant wait to suck eacothers husbands cocks. Apparently Tiffany Kline likes it slow and passionate while her husband likes it rough. The Prices (who are the veteran swingers) are gonna show them what this thing is all about.
Any guy who is married or has a girlfriend has to admit they have had a few thoughts about fucking their buddies hot wife. Its nothing to be ashamed of we all do it from time to time, but very few of us ever follow through. So Check out Wife Switch and watch these guys fuck their buddies hot wives.

My Favorite Creampies Presents Mia

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

So for this episode the guys at My Favorite Creampies introduce us to Mia. Mia is a ultra hot exotic looking chick with a near perfect body. As you can see she has nice tan skin, a firm ass and a nice tight asshole. I bet who ever was going to get to fuck Mia for this shoot was pretty disappointed when she brought in her own cock – HER BOYFRIEND. Damn I know I would be disappointed. Ya gotta hand it to the guy tho he knows how to pick em.

Watch Mia Get Fucked Silly by her Boyfriend CLICK HERE

Ass Like That – Jasmine

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Here we go guys I gots a good one for ya! For all you big ass playa’s out there Im about to introduce you to one of the hottest big booty sites on the net – Ass Like That. Click on either one of the pics below for the full galleries or go right on over to and you will see what Im talkin bout. These girls can make that ass shake, jiggle and clap all while they suck and fuck a big cock. Impossible you say? Check it out for yourself, as they say seeing is believing.

Here we have Jasmine, Jasmine has a nice set of tits and a cute face with that sexy man eating look in her eye, but just look at that ass. Could you handle an ASS LIKE THAT?
Ass Like That
They say Jasmine can suck your dick and make her ass clap at the same time. They say Jasmine might try to swallow your dick whole. They say a lot of great things about jasmine. Fact or Fiction? Well you will just have to find out when you check out, and maybe one day you too can get your hands on a Ass Like That.
Ass Like That

15 on 1 – Jane

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Alright everyone I have a smokin hot post for ya today. Today you have a chance to watch ultra hot women get used and abused like dirty little sluts. For this post I want to share a very special site with you. The site is 15 on 1.

If you cant tell from the title this site features super hot sluts getting used and abused by 15 different dudes at once! Thats right these chicks take 15 cocks an episode and thoroughly enjoy it.

So without futher adu I would like to introduce you to Jane.
15 on 1
As you can see from the pics below Jane sucks and fucks 15 cocks like a champ. I have alot of respect for sluts like Jane.
deecash 15 n 1
Not only does Jane take all 15 cocks like a champ she takes the load from each one. Any Chick who can take 15 cocks in the mouth, ass and pussy and take the load gets a naughty empire gold star.15 on 1

Watch Jane Suck and Fuck 15 Cocks Click Here.

Bangbus Prestents Shylove

Monday, March 5th, 2007

bangbros bangbusShy love is a hot tan girl with nice tits and a tight ass. Rumor has it she took 22 cocks in her ass last year alone! What a woman! For this episode of Bangbus Dirty Sanchez and the guys take her for a ride through a gated community to find a hard cock for her to enjoy, and what they found was some French dude who was totally down for the godless debauchery. bangbros bangbus
It didn’t take long for Shy to coax him into the bus and then the action started. Shylove sucked and fucked this guy silly and they got it all on camera.
bangbros bangbus
Click on any of the pics on this post to see the whole gallery or watch some hot clips from this episode on video. Now I know the video clips and picture gallery are gonna be a huge tease for everyone so Im gonna do you guys a solid. Im gonna tell you where you can download the WHOLE EPISODE and many more just like it. So take some good advice from good ol uncle C. Head on over to the Bangbros website, sign up and you will not be dissapointed.

Watch Shylove get Fucked on The Bangbus

The Milton Twins

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Alright everyone today I have a good one for ya. I’m talking about two hot twin teenage sluts who will take it any way they can get it. So without further adu I would like to present The Milton Twins. You can check out the Milton Twins on their personal site where you can download lots of great videos and pics of these two teen sluts getting fucked every which way but loose, or check them out on the fan blog thats dedicated just to them.
These chicks will do everything from double teaming a guy, fucking and sucking him silly to having all girl orgies and licking teenage pussy like its going out of style.
Check out their website and Watch the Milton Twins Taking it doggy style! Or you can check out the Milton Twins fan blog thats updated every week with a smokin hot new picture gallery.

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Canadian Girls Drinking Team

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

I have always been a big fan of Canadian girls . . . for being such an underestimated country they sure do churn out some wonderful pieces of ass!  So I was doing my normal feed reading and came across this wonderful movie of a Canadian girl wearing a black tank and thong dancing to “I Touch Myself”.  This is definitely not a bad thing – she is smoking hot.

Sadly the site I found the movie on does not have an embed option – so here is the link

Watch and enjoy!  I am working on a side project showcasing all the smoking hot solo models out of Canada – Girls of Canada – not much there but I am working on it 😉

Katie – FTV Girls Exclusive

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007


Its by no coincidence that Katie picked out her name for the fact that she looks a lot like the actress Katie Holmes… but probably a lot more sexual as you shall see in the video.  She and Alison fool around at a restaurant and park, risking it flashing her breasts, then having her dress up in a sexy black dress, and getting caught at a resort!  She goes home to masturbate using her fingers, and has a nice strong natural orgasm.  She goes to the dressing room, and tries on several cute lingerie, picking one and ending up on the couch, playing with herself watching TV.  Alison comes to seduce her, massaging her breasts and together they start feeling each others full breasts.  Katie picks out a toy, and masturbates again, having another strong(er) orgasm!  Some extreme closeups of her private parts… later that night, she meets up with Lia, and gives both Lia & Alison a lapdance, then rides a champagne bottle!  The next day, we see her playing with herself again, then putting on a cute dress to show off and flash in another restaurant and parking area.  After the security guard tells us to leave, she puts on a very sexy black outfit & stockings, then plays with her hairbrush handle like a toy, and has one last orgasm… falling asleep on the bed.

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full Service Massage –

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Now these are definately some of the hottest Asian Girls out there. Im talking perfect bodies in every variety and they areasian parade all down for the hardcore sucky sucky, fucky fucky. When it comes to hot asian chicks that love the sucky sucky me love them long time and If you like hot asian girls like I do you will be seriously stoaked when you check out Dont take my word for it, just click on one of the pics below and get ready for the hottest happy endings this side of the internet. Thank me later.
6.jpgasian parade5.jpg

FTV Girls Christy Part Three

Thursday, December 28th, 2006


The busty cutie is back, and she’s ready for an adventure!  From flashing right away at the airport, she warms up by going to a popular student area at a nearby college, and flashes upskirt… then her breasts, while quite a few catch glimpses of her assets.  Then its off to a small Arizona tourist town, where we get to see her show off even more.  At a busy restaurant near the town, she sucks on her nipples, gives us some upskirt and fingering.  Finally back home, she gets all naked, and masturbates with a vibrator.  Then for a hike to the mountains nearby, she stretches out naked, then puts on a cute top and shorts.  Another public nudity fest on the mountain, she is all about flashing those big breasts and giving us peeks between her legs.  Finding a safe spot on the mountain, she takes her bottoms off, and masturbates one more time…

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