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Homemade Fuck Videos

Monday, July 20th, 2009
Home Porno Tapes

I never hid the fact that I dreamed of becoming a great pornstar when I discovered porn. There are times when I tried to convince the hot chicks I’m banging to make homemade fuck videos with me that I can use as a sort of audition tape. In the end I had to give up my aspirations and settle with a fulfilling yet not as exciting job and be envious of the horny amateurs fucking around at Home Porno Tapes. It’s a site where ordinary folks submit their own sex movies for the world to see to fulfill their pornstar fantasies. At the moment there are about 80 amateur movies that can be downloaded in great looking Windows Media format. The photo sets accompanying each episode aren’t much to speak of since they only contain vid caps from the videos. Home Porno Tapes is a good amateur porn site in terms of content but the fact that it updates twice a month and only one bonus site is added every month, the high price of membership doesn’t seem to be reasonable for what you’re getting.

Hot Group Sex

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Swing Nudists

I don’t know of any nudist colonies near where I live let alone be in one. One thing’s for sure though. With a bunch of naked men and women gathered in one place, there’s bound to some hot group sex going on. It sure looks that way judging from the sights you’ll see at Swing Nudists. Here you’ll find real folks who seem to have an aversion to clothing and prefer walking around naked. I guess it’s easier to fuck without the hassle of having to remove your clothes. There are about 138 excellent quality DivX videos that you can download as well as 19 high res photo galleries that are all exclusive to the site. If you think that’s not enough content, updates are added daily so you get to see something new everyday. Swing Nudists may just inspire you enough to put up a nudist colony of your own.

Amateur Porn Videos

Monday, January 5th, 2009
Reality XXX Show

As much as I enjoy watching famous sex stars sucking and fucking on screen, I can’t help but admire the pornstar wannabes I see on amateur porn videos as they fuck away with great enthusiasm. They sure can give professional performers a run for their money. Reality XXX Show is one such site that features hot amateurs in different kinds of sex acts ranging from softcore to hardcore to anal to lesbian. There are about 31 great quality videos and 41 high res photo sets that you can download as Zip files. If that’s not enough, there are bonuses that come with your membership which includes 90 downloadable videos and 24 galleries. New content is added frequently so expect Reality XXX Show to grow even bigger.

Amateur Pussy

Friday, June 6th, 2008
Amateurs Gone Bad

When something goes bad, it’s generally not a good thing. That’s not quite the case when it comes to amateur pornstars though and there are lots of them to be seen at a website by the name of Amateurs Gone Bad. How many? In excess of 1,500 and they appear in something like 819 videos and 3,240 photo galleries. I can’t give you exact numbers because the site updates every single day and by the time you read this, the amount of vids and pics will have grown. The videos look great and so do the pictures (which you can download as zip sets), so rest assured that you don’t have to worry about quantity not equalling quality. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well it is and things get even better. Signing up for Amateurs Gone Bad is relatively cheap and doing so also gets you access to another website that offers even more content. Now that’s a sweet deal! So what are you waiting for? Go check out the site and enjoy all the amateur pussy now.

Stolen Sex Tapes

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
Confiscated Home Porn

Those of you looking to get your fix of amateur porn that was never meant to be seen by the public will really enjoy Confiscated Home Porn. It’s a relatively new website that features some non-exclusive videos. Many other sites offer similar content but the quality of the material on Confiscated Home Porn sets it apart from many of its peers. The videos you’ll find on the site all look fantastic, which is really impressive when you consider the source of these movies. There are around 36 stolen sex tapes being offered at the moment but it won’t take long for that number to grow as Confiscated Home Porn updates three times a week. There are also 31 bonus movies you can watch when you sign-up for the site. In addition to this, your membership will get you access to some feed sites and a couple VOD websites.

Housewives Looking For Fun

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
Housewife Kelly

Being a housewife doesn’t need to be dull. In fact, Housewife Kelly shows just how enjoyable being a housewife can be on her website. Fellow housewives looking for fun would do well to follow this amateur babe’s lead. Kelly loves to fuck and suck and she’s an absolute pleasure to watch while you pleasure yourself. If you check out her 59 photo sets and 79 videos, you’ll get to see Kelly involved in various sexual situations with a number of different partners. Aside from her husband, you’ll also see her getting fucked by other guys and a bunch of women too. The content’s all really hot and you’re sure to enjoy it. You’ll also like the bonuses you get when you sign-up for Kelly’s site which include access to extra sites and some additional photo galleries.

Amateur Fucking

Monday, March 3rd, 2008
AM 69 Girls

I’m by no means a morning person and I like to sleep in whenever I can but I’d gladly get up before noon for any of the amateur hotties found on AM 69 Girls. These babes look great whether they’re playing with toys or involved in hardcore fuck scenes. If you’d like to see for yourselves, you can watch their exploits by checking out the videos and photo galleries offered on the site. There are over 30 movies to watch and more than 50 photo galleries to see. The vids look pretty good and you can download them too. Some of the movies are even iPod compatible so you can take this hot content wherever you go. With a reasonable price tag and updates that come every 2 weeks at most, the amateur fucking at AM 69 Girls is definitely worth a look.

Naughty Housewife

Friday, February 22nd, 2008
Kinky Housewife

If you think that all housewives are dull and boring, you clearly haven’t been introduced to Anisha yet. She’s the star of Kinky Housewife and this woman is as creative and as outrageous as they come. To be blunt, the content on her website is absolutely wild and while it might not exactly be my cup of tea, I just couldn’t wait to see what she’d do next. Throughout the 19 photo galleries and 39 videos that are available on this naughty housewife’s site, you’ll see her doing all sorts of crazy shit like pissing all over the place, sticking a variety of items up her pussy or shoving her arm up her husband’s ass (it goes in up to the elbow folks). The fact that Anisha and her husband wear masks the whole time only adds to the insanity. If any of this outrageous material strikes you as interesting, you really should check the site out. Even if it doesn’t turn you on, you’ll at least get a kick out of it.

Slave Training

Monday, February 18th, 2008
The Training Of O

To perform at a high level in sports, you need to work your ass off and train hard. In that respect, learning to be a good female slave isn’t all that different. There’s a lot to learn and The Training Of O is a website devoted to teaching women what it takes to be the best little submissive sluts they can be. If you’d like to sit in on these lessons, I recommend you take a glance at the 39 high-res photo galleries the site offers. You should also study the 39 videos that are available on the site. The hot content should give you some insight into just what is required from female slaves hoping to please their masters. Aside from being educational, the slave training will probably brighten your day a little too. 

Pigtails Round Asses Presents Rachel Starr

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Rachel Starr
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