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Big Booty Girls

Monday, May 11th, 2009
Asses For Days

There’s nothing more arousing than a sexy chick that can fill her pants with her beautiful round ass. Whenever I see gorgeous big booty girls I have to restrain myself from grabbing their succulent butts and giving them a good squeeze. There are times when I feel like I can’t hold back so instead of fondling a hot babe’s ass and get arrested for lewd conduct, I get my fix of big ass porn at Asses For Days. It’s a hardcore site featuring stunning ladies with plump bubble butts fucking like crazy. After these naughty gals tease you with their huge booties they start getting down and dirty, sucking cock and getting fucked for all their worth. Here you’ll find about 106 exclusive scenes from 18 DVD titles in high quality Windows Media format where you can see lots of hot anal sex as well as some double penetration. Aside from that, you also get access to seven bonus sites. Asses For Days has some really great content. My only concern is that there aren’t any photos, just vidcaps and there are long delays between updates.

Hardcore Anal Sex

Monday, April 20th, 2009
Ive Been Sodomized

I always go for adventurous ladies who are more than willing to try out different sex acts with me. In fact, there’s nothing hotter than a nasty babe who enjoys hardcore anal sex just like the sexy anal sluts on Ive Been Sodomized. They may have had their tight assholes ripped apart by huge cocks but these filthy chicks sure aren’t complaining. It’s a virtual treasure trove for butt sex lovers out there with its content of 242 excellent quality videos and matching photo sets. My only concern about this site is that some of the movies are non exclusive and the downloadable videos are DRM protected. Updates can also be erratic at times. Despite these setbacks, Ive Been Sodomized is a great anal porn site considering its reasonable price tag and the full access to 13 bonus sites you get when you sign up.

Anal Sex Videos

Monday, November 10th, 2008
Want Wow

A few years back I was put off by the idea of anal sex because I had this notion that it’s something that only gay men would do. I’ve soon realized the folly of my thoughts because when I saw how wild the girls are in online anal sex videos, I was hooked. Watching horny chicks getting fucked up the ass thrills me to no end that’s why whenever I come across anal porn sites like Want Wow, I just have to check it out. At present it has a modest amount of content with about 40 high quality videos and 19 galleries of super high res pics. The babes getting their assholes plowed are totally hot and I’ve seen some sexy Latinas and a couple of foxy MILFs getting banged. The bonuses included may not be to everyone’s liking but Want Wow still offers a good amount of anal porn that’s incredibly hot.

Hardcore Anal Sex

Monday, September 22nd, 2008
Attack My Ass

My girlfriend has always been straightforward with me when it comes to sex. She likes it rough and wild and she wouldn’t mind experimenting with other kinky stuff but there’s one thing she said she’d never do and that is let me fuck her tight ass. I hope she’d reconsider especially after watching the anal sex videos at Attack My Ass. If she could only see how much these nasty babes enjoy getting their butts fucked I’ll bet she’ll change her mind about the no anal sex policy. Currently there are about 126 videos of hardcore anal sex that you can download as Windows Media files in three quality options and 35 good-looking photo sets. The price tag is a bit expensive but with all the hardcore anal porn already available plus your access to 19 quality bonus sites, membership to Attack My Ass is something I would definitely consider.

Anal Pounding

Friday, June 20th, 2008

If you’re a butt sex fanatic, you might want to go visit a website by the name of Anal Tryouts. It’s a big ass (pun intended) website full of anal pounding content. Currently there are 415 or so photo galleries and about 274 movies being offered there. The material is all nonexclusive, so the quality varies quite a bit. For example, many of the videos are kind of average looking but there are something like 31 of them that are high-def and look spectacular. New content is added to the website on an almost daily basis, so members never have to wait too long to get new anal-themed porn. Even if 24 hours seems like a long time to you, you can help pass the time between updates by visiting any of the bonus sites that come with your membership. You get access to around 10 other sites and there are other extras as well. Anal Tryouts is a little expensive to join but you love seeing babes get their asses fucked, I’m sure that you’ll consider it money well spent.


Friday, March 21st, 2008
Dirty Ass 2 Mouth

According to some of the characters in Clerks II “you never go ass to mouth.” I say nuts to that. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of ass to mouth, the act involves a guy having a girl suck his cock immediately after fucking her in the ass with it. Does that sound appealing to you? If you answered yes, you might want to head on over to a site by the name of Dirty Ass 2 Mouth. There you’ll see 19 picture galleries and 19 videos that depict scenes featuring some hot ATM sex. The photos look great and so do the newer movies. The content’s all exclusive to the network that Dirty Ass 2 Mouth belongs to so if exclusivity’s a concern for anyone rest assured that you needn’t worry about it. Speaking of the network, you’ll get access to the other 21 bonus sites that it’s made up of when you sign-up for Dirty Ass 2 Mouth. Your membership also gets you access to tons of videos feeds and some streaming DVDs.

Dive Headfirst Into This Anal Action

Monday, February 11th, 2008
Butt Divers

Anybody with an appetite for hardcore anal action is sure to get more than their fill from Butt Divers. There are 190 videos and an equal number of photo galleries available to anyone looking to indulge in their desire to witness some of the raunchiest ass pounding available online. No matter what variety of action you’re craving, the sheer amount of content to be had here guarantees that you’ll find what you’re looking for. In my books, these facts alone would make the site a worthwhile investment, but the pot is further sweetened by the large number of extras you’ll be entitled to with your membership. You’ll receive access to bonus sites galore but you may never even bother to visit them due solely to the fact that the quality and quantity of the content on the main site is so impressive.

My Favorite Creampies Presents Mia

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

So for this episode the guys at My Favorite Creampies introduce us to Mia. Mia is a ultra hot exotic looking chick with a near perfect body. As you can see she has nice tan skin, a firm ass and a nice tight asshole. I bet who ever was going to get to fuck Mia for this shoot was pretty disappointed when she brought in her own cock – HER BOYFRIEND. Damn I know I would be disappointed. Ya gotta hand it to the guy tho he knows how to pick em.

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Ass Like That – Jasmine

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Here we go guys I gots a good one for ya! For all you big ass playa’s out there Im about to introduce you to one of the hottest big booty sites on the net – Ass Like That. Click on either one of the pics below for the full galleries or go right on over to and you will see what Im talkin bout. These girls can make that ass shake, jiggle and clap all while they suck and fuck a big cock. Impossible you say? Check it out for yourself, as they say seeing is believing.

Here we have Jasmine, Jasmine has a nice set of tits and a cute face with that sexy man eating look in her eye, but just look at that ass. Could you handle an ASS LIKE THAT?
Ass Like That
They say Jasmine can suck your dick and make her ass clap at the same time. They say Jasmine might try to swallow your dick whole. They say a lot of great things about jasmine. Fact or Fiction? Well you will just have to find out when you check out, and maybe one day you too can get your hands on a Ass Like That.
Ass Like That

Black Cocks White Sluts –

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

So if you cant tell from the title of this post this site is all about White Sluts who like to take Big Black Cocks in every orifice. I think these chicks are really addicted to the back penis and it shows in every movie on this site. So lets skip all the BS about this site a jump right into the gallery I used for this post.

So for this post I would like everyone to meet Jordan. Jordan is a pale ass white girl who loves to take the black cock. She looks a little unsure at first about these two dudes on either sider of her. Maybe she’s wondering if she can handle the black meat she’s about to get pummeled with.
Black Cocks White Sluts
I’m not sure how much Jordan enjoys taking two Big Black Cocks at the same time but she sure looks funny doing it. Just look at that puss while she takes a Huge Black Cock in the mouth. Fucking Classic!
Black Cocks White Sluts
Now I think she’s wondering if this was a good idea. Check out the look on her face! Hey Jordan wipe that look off your face while your taking two enormous black cocks! We know you like it.
Black Cocks White Sluts

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