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Hot Girls Stripping

Monday, February 2nd, 2009
Pornstar IQ

Watching quiz shows has alway been a good exercise for the brain and it kind of makes you feel smart when you know the answers to the questions being asked. What would make it even more fun is if there were hot girls stripping every now and then. Pornstar IQ gives you just that with your favorite sex stars as they answer trivia questions and taking off their clothes as the show progress. You’re not only treated to a spectacular view of their mouth watering naked bodies but you get to find out if there’s something inside their heads or if they’re just walking sex on legs. Currently there are about 21 videos featuring some of the hottest babes in porn that you can download in great quality Windows Media format. It also comes with a photo set of about 50 high res pictures. The price tag attached to Pornstar IQ may be a bit on the expensive side but you do get access to a network of 19 other sites offering high quality smut.

Hot Wild Sluts

Friday, October 24th, 2008
2 Chicks Same Time

What guy in his right mind would say no when a couple of hot wild sluts invite him over to fuck their hungry pussies in a steamy threesome? For some it still remains a part of their wish list but then there are dudes lucky enough to get down and dirty with beautiful babes just like the guys at 2 Chicks Same Time. The site name says it all, a horny guy and two gorgeous gals fucking around like crazy. Last time I checked there are about 24 videos and photo sets available. The videos are excellent and they can be streamed or downloaded as Windows Media or MPEG files. There’s an iPod version as well so you can take all the hot action along with you. As far as the pictures go, they are almost high res and can be conveniently downloaded in Zip files. New content is added weekly and there are 20 bonus sites that come along with your membership so 2 Chicks Same Time is pretty much a good site to join.

Ladies Smoking

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Usually I don’t like it when a chick smokes cigarettes but if she can also smoke cock like a pro, I can look past it. Now I know that some of you don’t mind seeing babes enjoying a smoke or two and some of you even get off on it. If you count yourself among those that this applied to, you might want to check out Smoking Foxes. It’s a website that’s a little on the small side, only offering about 16 videos, but the quality of the material is stellar. While there may not be much in the way of content at Smoking Foxes, joining the site does give you access to almost 50 additional websites that bring you porn in a variety of niches. If you’re into ladies smoking, you’ll like what you’ll find at Smoking Foxes and there’s a good chance you’ll really enjoy the extra smut your membership gets you too.

Russian Pussy

Monday, July 7th, 2008

I was sitting around at a party the other night, talking to my buddy about some cuties that I recently befriended. He wanted to know all about them, so I made up this elaborate story about them being Russian mail order brides. I’m not sure why I decided to do that but I think the fact that I’ve spending a lot of time on the Erotic Russians website may have something to do with it. I was also pretty drunk, so that was probably a factor too. Anyway, you’ll find a ton of content at the Erotic Russians site and it’s well worth checking out. As it stands, there are about 2,436 photo sets there and around 272 videos. The quality of the material varies somewhat but a lot of the pics and vids look absolutely incredible. On top of the main content, a membership also gives you access to a bunch of bonus sites and some other extras. Joining Erotic Russians is a little pricey but if you want a great amount of quality porn featuring Russian pussy, you really can’t go wrong with this website.

Cuckold Slaves

Friday, June 27th, 2008

If you’re into cuckoldry and blonde babes who look as sweet as candy, you’ll get a kick and a half out of Candy Monroe’s personal website. Candy has a great body, a bunch of tattoos and a serious thing for Black cock. White guys don’t seem to do it for her but she does appear to enjoy having them watch her get fucked by big Black cock. She also occasionally allows these White cuckold slaves to lick up the cum that the Black studs deposit on her. You can check out all the fun by giving Candy’s 38 or so episodes a look. Each one comes with a great-quality video, high-res pics and vid caps. Your membership doesn’t give you access to any bonus content but you do get weekly updates.

European Babes

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

As I understand it, attitudes towards sex are much more relaxed in Europe, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that there are lots of European babes with loose morals and even looser pussies on the other side of the Atlantic. Sluts From Europe is a website that showcases a few of these horny hos and so far they’ve got something like 82 scenes available. Each one comes with a set of high-res pictures and a spectacular high-def video. Lower quality options are offered as well but be sure to treat yourself to the HD ones if you have the time to wait for them to download. The action is all hardcore and hot and you’ll find even more of it in Sluts From Europe’s bonus content.

Beautiful Czech Girls

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

I was hanging out with a couple of cuties from out of town this past weekend and they dragged me to a shitty club. The place was pretty much dead but it cost each of us $15 to get in and find that out. Needless to say, I won’t be letting these girls choose the club we go to next time. I mean, if I wanted to go to a pricey place, I would have sat down at my computer and gone to Czech Sex Club. At least that site can justify its admission fee. They offer their members something like 2,939 photo galleries and 267 movies. Lots of the pics are high-res and a good portion of the videos are high-def and look incredible. In terms of what you’ll see on the site, there’s plenty of hot softcore, hardcore, lesbian and lesbian action featuring incredibly beautiful Czech girls. Your membership also gives you access to 10 or so bonus sites and some other extras, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth at Czech Sex Club.

XXX Vids

Friday, May 9th, 2008
High Speed XXX

Would you be interested in getting your hands on more porn than you could ever handle? I thought so. Well get to clicking and find your way to High Speed XXX. They offer their members more than 9,265 photo galleries, in excess of 317 movies, something like 192 feeds, links to full-length scenes from DVDs and other additional extras too. All in all, that makes for a lot of xx vids and pics to look at, so you won’t be disappointed with the amount of porn on the site. Quality might be another issue though. The quality of the pictures varies from regular-res to high-res and the videos vary from mediocre-looking to average-looking. At High Speed XXX, you get tons of content and lots of variety for a decent price. If you can look past the quality issues, you should check it out.

Hot Naked Chick

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
Valeria on Fire

Anyone who goes to Valeria On Fire hoping to see some self-immolation or similar content will be severely disappointed. If you go there looking to see a hot naked chick named Valeria, you’ll still be disappointed but less so. Valeria On Fire is part of the same network as Naughty Tania so if you read my blog about that site, you should know to expect to see lots of a guy named Torbe. Should you wish to see what Valeria can do, you can check out the 14 or so average-quality videos that she appears in. There are supposed to be some photo galleries too but the links that should take you to them don’t seem to work. Another problem with the site is that Valeria is referred to as Cherokee in some text, just as Tania was on her website. Weird. Anyway, if you want to see more of Torbe you should sign up for this site to get access to the network but if you’re more interested in seeing pics and vids of Valeria, I’d advise you to wait for more content to be added before dropping some cash on a membership.

Playing With Boobs

Monday, May 5th, 2008
Digital Playground

I used to love playing in the park around the corner form my house as a kid. The place was great because it had lots of open space, tress to climb and best of all, a bitchin’ playground. I’d spend hours there almost every day but sadly, I eventually got too old to play on the jungle gym and on the swings. I still have fond memories of that playground but I think I’ve found a new one that I’ll enjoy a little bit more now since I’m older and prefer playing with boobs to going down slides. It’s not a physical place but rather a website called Digital Playground. It’s a big site and it’s continuing to grow quickly as updates are added a few times a week. At the moment, there are around 710 photo galleries to be found there and approximately 775 videos that can only be streamed. The pics and vids feature some of the biggest names in porn and they’re well worth a look. Digital Playground looks great and so does there content so I’m sure I’ll be spending as many hours there as I did in the park by my place as a kid.