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Monday, January 26th, 2009
King Dong

A few years back there was a Hollywood monster movie with the tag line “Size does matter” and this came to mind when I chanced upon a web site called King Dong. Sure, it sounds very similar to another classic monster movie which is really a fitting name for a site featuring sexy girls sucking on monster cocks and getting fucked by gigantic dicks for loads of big dick sex. The movies are a blast to watch although there are currently eight episodes available with the site being relatively new. The videos really look great whether you stream or download them as Windows Media files. There are also options for iPod and MP4 downloads so you can take your porn wherever go. Each scene comes with great-looking photo galleries that can be conveniently downloaded as Zip files. The amount of content may be small at the moment and it may take a while for King Dong to get as huge as the dicks inside but updates are added every week and you get access to seven other network sites offering high quality smut.

Men With Big Dicks

Friday, August 1st, 2008

The Impossible Cocks site tour would have you believe that it’s a website featuring dicks the size of anacondas, but in reality it’s just your typical hardcore site. That isn’t to say that the dongs in the pictures and videos aren’t sizeable, it’s just that they’re not as big as you might be lead to expect. In any case, you get access to something like 351 photo sets, about 88 downloadable movies, some streaming vids that can’t be downloaded, and a bunch of bonus content when you join the site. The pics are all high-res and the videos look good. Something that this site offers that others don’t is a penis enlargement lesson. That’s right, if you want to look more like the men with big dicks that you’ll see at Impossible Cocks, you can actually learn how to go about making your penis grow here. Who says porn isn’t educational?

Huge Cock Sex

Monday, March 31st, 2008
I Love Monster Cocks

I have a big dick. I don’t mean to brag but I do. Due to this, I sometimes get a kick out of seeing so-called studs in porn with cocks far smaller than mine. It brings a smile to my face and gives me a certain sense of pride I guess. Now if I want to maintain that feeling, I think I’d best steer clear of websites like I Love Monster Cocks. I mean I’m big and all but I wouldn’t say that I’m monstrously big. On the other hand, the guys on that site definitely are. I’m not sure my pride could take seeing that over and over again but if you think your’s could, I invite you to give the site a look. It’s pretty new but it already offers 11 great-looking videos and several sets of high-res pictures. Signing-up for I Love Monster Cocks also gets you access to nine bonus sites so even if you’re not interested in seeing huge cock sex, a membership might still be worth it for you. Give the site a peek and see for yourself.

Impressive Cock

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Whether you’re a man or a woman, there’s just something really impressive about a great big cock and Mr.Biggz, the star of this site, just so happens to have one. He uses his 13 inches of manhood to pound massive amounts of pussy and, luckily for us, there’s a space on the web where we can go to watch. There’s a lot to see here so be sure to set aside some time to properly peruse this massive collection of porn. There are 173 galleries to look through and the same number of videos are available to be screened and downloaded. As if that wasn’t enough content, signing-up to Mr.Biggz’s site also gives you full-access to 38 network bonuses. In addition to this, you get access to 41 third-party links that offer some quality streaming videos. All this plus the fact that Mr.Biggz updates weekly, makes this site easy to recommend.

That’s A Huge Cock Black Man!

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Mandingo X Rated 

As if I didn’t need something else to add to my long list of inadequacies, along comes a guy that could give most of us an inferiority complex.  Mandingo X Rated is the name and he’s got a long line up of women, who are more than happy to rise to the challenge of taking this huge cock black man’s massive tool in their very willing holes.  How he manages to not pass out when that thing is hard is as valid a question as how do these girls manage to not pass out when he gets his huge cock inside of them.  I guess we’ll have to watch very closely to see what we can find out.

Black Cocks White Sluts –

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

So if you cant tell from the title of this post this site is all about White Sluts who like to take Big Black Cocks in every orifice. I think these chicks are really addicted to the back penis and it shows in every movie on this site. So lets skip all the BS about this site a jump right into the gallery I used for this post.

So for this post I would like everyone to meet Jordan. Jordan is a pale ass white girl who loves to take the black cock. She looks a little unsure at first about these two dudes on either sider of her. Maybe she’s wondering if she can handle the black meat she’s about to get pummeled with.
Black Cocks White Sluts
I’m not sure how much Jordan enjoys taking two Big Black Cocks at the same time but she sure looks funny doing it. Just look at that puss while she takes a Huge Black Cock in the mouth. Fucking Classic!
Black Cocks White Sluts
Now I think she’s wondering if this was a good idea. Check out the look on her face! Hey Jordan wipe that look off your face while your taking two enormous black cocks! We know you like it.
Black Cocks White Sluts

Watch Jordan Fuck and Suck Big Black Cocks

Brick house butts –

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Check out our latest release from over at OC Cash . . . Brick House Butts.  Basically we have found some of the biggest asses out there across the globe and popped a dick in them!  Watch these brickhouse Butts jiggle around like only large butts can!  Have fun checking out the latest and greatest!
Brick House Butts is the best new Big Ass Porn Site!

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It has been so long!

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

Okay . . . yes I have not posted here in such a long while. A little bit because I was pretty happy about the Black Caucus post . . . a lot of bit because I have been swamped working on other projects.

Lets see – to catch people up this is what has happened in the past few months: – Joguna love this! – Basically a social bookmarking site for porn. More people should use this. It is an easy place to store your naughty bookmarks online.

We added a bunch of new sites to OC Cash as well.

Black Mother Fuckers
– Black dudes fucking hot moms . . . everyone loves the name!
Asian Creamy Pies – Asian girls getting slammed and left with a wet willy in their hole
White Slave Whores – Dirty black dudes bossing around their white sex slave whores . . . pretty hot

I am gonna try to get up on a regular post schedule again. Bare with me.

Naughty Sex Blogs is Rocking

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Man . . . out of all the new sections I have added here at Naughty Empire the Sex Blogs are really being taken well.

For those that aren’t using them you should . . . it is basically one big blog sorted into all your favorite categories.

Sex Blogs

Big Mouthfulls –

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Not really sure how I let such a great site like Big Mouthfulls slip through the cracks! But anyhow – today we are gonna talk about one of the oldest Bang Bros sites on the net – hell may have been the first one! Anyhow – contrary to the name the site isn’t all that dedicated to cum swallowing or blowjobs – it is just a really great hardcore site that features some of the hottest and most exclusive porn chicks on the net. You can always rely on Big Mouthfulls‘ ability to pull some decently hot cooze and serve it up for you – let me show you what I have found!

Lets start out with my favorite so far . . . This chicks name is Cassie and she was on Big Mouthfulls a while back – you can see why she has stuck in my brain . . .
cassie from big mouthfulls
Cassie is a real sex loving chic , she comes off as shy , but , give her a little dick action and she gives a mean blowjob. So when she got to my flat I had her take off all her clothes and show me her tits and ass . She got in the mood and ready to fuck. First she gave the dopest blowjob, then she rode for a while. man, her pussy was deep! The whole time I was filming this movie, she kept screaming for my cum in the mouth . I fucked so deep and hard and she loved every minute of it . I love amateurs! ENJOY!!! Click here to check our a free sample clip of Cassie

Next we are gonna take a look at Jamie go head up with a treetrunk swinger!
jamie from big mouthfulls
Jamie is a slender and sexxxy porn model with a hunger for men’s cum. Although she’s a little shy she still managed to tease the fuck out of Preston and drive him crazy. Then she started working on her cum reward by sucking real hard on his dick which didn’t even fit in her mouth. Then they moved on to the fucking and she got filled up like twinkie and loved evry minute of it. And at the end she got what she came for; a bigmouthfull, ENJOY!!! Click here for a free sample movie of Jamie

To finish it all off lets check out the Big Mouthfulls girl Molly
molly from big mouthfulls
Molly is a hot 18 year old with a hunger for cum in the mouth. So, I invited her over and fucked her all afternoon. We started off by getting a little aquainted and talking about her love of cum. Then she sucked my dick and wouldn’t let it go. Then I started to fuck her and she loved it. She moaned and said nasty things as I fucked her. Finally at the end she got what she came for. a bigmouthfull! .. Get this hottie’s complete exclusive movie in the Big Mouthfuls members area – or you can click here for a free sample movie featuring molly from

So hopefully that satisfies some of your BigMouthfulls desire – however you really should head on over there and check it out for yourself!