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See Through Lingerie

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

I recently found out that a baby doll is not a toy that little girls play with but it’s a kind of sleepwear worn by sexy ladies. Why the sudden interest in women’s lingerie? Well, I came across a site called Baby Dolls On Fire expecting decapitated toys roasting on an open flame but instead I see gorgeous ladies in sexy see through lingerie having smoking hot sex. I’m a big fan of porn and I really liked what I saw on this site, the babes are totally hot and the videos can be downloaded in HD quality MPEG format which are available in good-looking iPod format as well. Sad to say, there are only about eight videos and eight sets of regular-res pics so the site is lacking in the contents department, but they do make up for it by giving you full access to six bonus sites. Membership is quite expensive but I’ll definitely sign up for this one when there’s enough content to keep me happy.

Red Ass Models

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

To me there is nothing better then having a hot babe bent over your knee sticking her tight ass up in the air and coming down on that ass with a hard open hand. When the hand connects the loud clapping noise ensues and you feel the ass under your palm tighten and the high pitch shriek comes from the mouth of the chick over your knee – half in pain half in pleasure. Wow now thats what I call heaven, and that is what this site is all about. Red Ass Models features hot chicks who love to get spanked and spanked is just what they get.

Meet Brandy May
Brandi May is a hot red head who likes to get her
tight little ass smacked hard until its as red as the hair on her pretty little head. As you can see she thouroghly enjoys it.
Click here and watch Brandi may get her tight ass spanked!

FTV Girls Christy Part Three

Thursday, December 28th, 2006


The busty cutie is back, and she’s ready for an adventure!  From flashing right away at the airport, she warms up by going to a popular student area at a nearby college, and flashes upskirt… then her breasts, while quite a few catch glimpses of her assets.  Then its off to a small Arizona tourist town, where we get to see her show off even more.  At a busy restaurant near the town, she sucks on her nipples, gives us some upskirt and fingering.  Finally back home, she gets all naked, and masturbates with a vibrator.  Then for a hike to the mountains nearby, she stretches out naked, then puts on a cute top and shorts.  Another public nudity fest on the mountain, she is all about flashing those big breasts and giving us peeks between her legs.  Finding a safe spot on the mountain, she takes her bottoms off, and masturbates one more time…

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Merry Christmas from Karen Dreams

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Karen Dreams says happy holidays – see her white stockings underneath the Christmas tree! She is truly a girl next door joy to all!

Karen Dreams at Xmas
Karens stockings under the tree

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Bad Girl Butts –

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

1aa1.jpgAlright, so after checking out Kelli Young and Paige Hiltons sites I happened to come across this jem,

This site is a real banger. I mean seriously can you think of anything more beautiful than a hot teenage girl with a nice round curvy ass?13a2.jpg I cant, and on this site there are plenty of them. has some of the hottest teen asses you will find anywhere online today. I mean all shapes and sizes, from small little bubble butts, to those asses you just want to grab on to and hold on. And I did see a couple of galleries and videos of my favorite teen Kelli Young on there aswell.

I guess by now you can tell I love a nice ass. And if your anything like me your should check this site out. I mean its a virtual emporium of sweet ass. On top of that every girl on is super cute if not super hot all the way around and they do get fully nude. Check it out on and see what all these bad teenage girls are working with.

Paige Hilton –

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Paige Hilton -

Any girl that is voted “Cheerleader with best ass” in her high school yearbook is safe to make the front page here at Naughty Empire.  I mean honestly – this sort of talent should not be wasted.  I would like to introduce you to the lovely Paige Hilton.  I sumbled upon Paige Hilton’s website the other day when I was talking about her friend Kelli Young.  Come to find out they are responsible for each other making their own porn sites.  That’s some BFF shit.

I was voted “Chearleader with the best ass” in my yearbook, so it did not take long before my girlfriends (Kelli Young) talked me into showing my ass off in my own website.  Now that I am in college, I could use the extra money, so I can skip the part time job and just do my site.  I answer all of my email – and I am willing to take requests!Paige Hilton

As I am flipping through Paige Hilton’s site – I quickly learn that she does have a great ass . . . like whoa.  Paige also likes to be in the water – sporting a plethora of skimpy little bikinis that show off a little too much . . . or maybe it is not enough – you decide.  Everyone should head on over to to take the free tour – look at that ass for a while – it is hypnotizing!

In true fashion I am here to give you a couple more peeks at Paige Hilton . . . lets see.   How about a picture gallery from where Paige drops her lingerie down just a little too far and you get a nice little peek at the box.  Then we will go with a movie gallery of Paige Hilton getting all soapy in her shower.  Remember – the only place to see the full length unedited movies and pictures of Paige Hilton is at her personal website.

Goth Models

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

I think the goth model wave is here . . . I have seen alot more goth / punk / grunge models popping up over the net. Here are a couple that really caught my eye from over at PDX Blackbook

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Bodog Lingerie Bowl Pictures

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

While I was killing myself with triple shots of jager there was a true tribute to gaming events worldwide taking place. This would be the Bodog Lingerie Bowl. Basically it is a collection of superbly hot chicks dressed up in next to nothing that go out and put their tits on the line in a full contact game of football. How cute. This year the New York Euphoria took the title but who cares . . . lots of people took pictures . . . and that is what we are here to see right?! So I have compiled a list of great sites that have pictures from the Lingerie Bowl!…=1327292&G=Y…mplate0.htm