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Black Cock Lovers

Monday, November 23rd, 2009
Muh Dick

Being a horny dude myself, I know how much babes enjoy getting fucked by a huge hard cock. Sometimes, when they are stuck with some guy in a relationship, they can’t say it to their faces that they have small dicks, so they cheat whenever they go for a trip. And talk about chicks who enjoy black cocks, man, they sure slobber over those huge black dongs pounding their sweet tight pussies.
I sure enjoy watching these hot chicks from Muh Dick sucking black cocks that barely fit their mouths. I especially love the part where chicks see big black cocks for the very first time. It’s like giving a hungry lion its lunch. These lovely chicks are certified black cock lovers. The downside of this site is that it somehow made me feel insecure. I know my dick is not as big as those huge throbbing black cocks.

Katie – FTV Girls Exclusive

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007


Its by no coincidence that Katie picked out her name for the fact that she looks a lot like the actress Katie Holmes… but probably a lot more sexual as you shall see in the video.  She and Alison fool around at a restaurant and park, risking it flashing her breasts, then having her dress up in a sexy black dress, and getting caught at a resort!  She goes home to masturbate using her fingers, and has a nice strong natural orgasm.  She goes to the dressing room, and tries on several cute lingerie, picking one and ending up on the couch, playing with herself watching TV.  Alison comes to seduce her, massaging her breasts and together they start feeling each others full breasts.  Katie picks out a toy, and masturbates again, having another strong(er) orgasm!  Some extreme closeups of her private parts… later that night, she meets up with Lia, and gives both Lia & Alison a lapdance, then rides a champagne bottle!  The next day, we see her playing with herself again, then putting on a cute dress to show off and flash in another restaurant and parking area.  After the security guard tells us to leave, she puts on a very sexy black outfit & stockings, then plays with her hairbrush handle like a toy, and has one last orgasm… falling asleep on the bed.

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Boobylicious Monique

Monday, January 15th, 2007


Big boobs hottie Monique with her massive tits for today’s post. I’m sure you’ll all agree if I say that she has a fantastic pair of boobies — all natural in size DD. That’s double D! 34-DD to be exact. There’s nothing like hot if you got a girl with size like that.

Monique is a real treat with her biggie boobs! Handful and mouthful at the same time… and perfect for some tit fucking! And she’s not just a busty young thing, she’s also beautiful and sensual, too. Click on through to enjoy more of boobylicious Monique and all the other nubile babes with biggie size boobs to crave for.


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full Service Massage –

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Now these are definately some of the hottest Asian Girls out there. Im talking perfect bodies in every variety and they areasian parade all down for the hardcore sucky sucky, fucky fucky. When it comes to hot asian chicks that love the sucky sucky me love them long time and If you like hot asian girls like I do you will be seriously stoaked when you check out Dont take my word for it, just click on one of the pics below and get ready for the hottest happy endings this side of the internet. Thank me later.
6.jpgasian parade5.jpg

FTV Girls Christy Part Three

Thursday, December 28th, 2006


The busty cutie is back, and she’s ready for an adventure!  From flashing right away at the airport, she warms up by going to a popular student area at a nearby college, and flashes upskirt… then her breasts, while quite a few catch glimpses of her assets.  Then its off to a small Arizona tourist town, where we get to see her show off even more.  At a busy restaurant near the town, she sucks on her nipples, gives us some upskirt and fingering.  Finally back home, she gets all naked, and masturbates with a vibrator.  Then for a hike to the mountains nearby, she stretches out naked, then puts on a cute top and shorts.  Another public nudity fest on the mountain, she is all about flashing those big breasts and giving us peeks between her legs.  Finding a safe spot on the mountain, she takes her bottoms off, and masturbates one more time…

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Haley Paige Titty Fucking

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Everyone loves titty fucking. It’s a fact. Haley Paige and her nice natural tits are no exception to this rule. She loves getting titty fucked and then taking a nice big load in the mouths. You may have seen Haley before, but you have never seen her like this.

Check Haley Paige and her videos at UpperClassVideo

Haley Page UpperClassVideo

Holly in Hi Def Tit Fucking

Holly in Hi Def Tit Fucking

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Sandra from Nubiles

Monday, December 25th, 2006

Man . . . saw this girl up on the latest Nubiles update and I thought all you big tit lovers here at the empire would dig her. Her name is Sandra – here are some free pictures – i recommend checking out nubiles for the hottest girls on the net!


If big tits are your thing then this girl is for you. Her name is Sandra, a very naughty babe from Hungary. If you happen to see her trying to look sweet and innocent in her pictures, don’t believe it for a minute. Sandra eats men alive!

Sandra is a perfect teaser that will boost your appetite in sex. And she looks as gorgeous as ever, don’t you think! Just look at her – busty and bubbly… a pure fantasy-girl. Check her out at


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Merry Christmas from Karen Dreams

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Karen Dreams says happy holidays – see her white stockings underneath the Christmas tree! She is truly a girl next door joy to all!

Karen Dreams at Xmas
Karens stockings under the tree

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Can you do the splits?

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Courtney is one of those flexible girls that you can do some crazy shit with.

Ever have a girl do the splits over you while you eat her out? :)

Girls like that are flexible fun fucks. Courtney has a hot little bod, a stunning pair of eyes, and this ex-cheerleader really knew how to fuck.

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Courtney Simpson UpperClassVideo

Hi Definition


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German Quizshow Host Topless

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

I have seen alot of these midnight game shows where you have to text in to answer popping up here in the states. Its always the same system no matter who is doing it – smoking hot foreign chick with an accent, promise of riches, and a text number. I tried it a time or two but got nothing.

Anyhow . . . what is cooler about Germany is that the super hot chicks we have hosting here in the states . . . actually get naked over there. So here is the movie – after the jump of course!

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