Fucking Hot Babes

December 9th, 2009
Sex And Revenge

I like it when chicks are having heartaches because that’s the time where they really get so turned on and horny. All their frustrations and angst are poured into the cock their sucking. This is the reason why I love watching Sex And Revenge. All chicks from this site are mad, hungry and frustrated with their relationships, so they turn to horny dudes who can satisfy their pussies. I hate to admit it but somehow, I enjoy watching these chicks gag as they transform their anger into erotica. Watching these dudes fucking hot babes make me feel even hornier. They cheat on their partners and fuck the horniest guy they meet outside. It’s like having a guilt-free sex without their boyfriends knowing that there are sucking on another hard cock. I just love seeing babes fucking while they are freaking mad.

Steamy Sex Party

December 7th, 2009
Hardcore Partying

If there’s one thing I love doing during the weekend, it’s a lot of hardcore partying. Well, my definition of a hardcore party usually involves copious amounts of booze, cigarettes, loud music and the entire class of 2003. My view of a hardcore party sure changed after seeing all the crazy happenings at Hardcore Partying. Party-goers revel in alcohol and a whole lot more as they get naked and do each other while the party is in full swing. There are 27 high-def movies and photo galleries available and all the content is exclusive. The movies of their steamy sex party can also be downloaded as QuikTime or Windows Media files. Too bad that the site has stopped updating since I’m always game for a crazy party, but for days when I need to sober up I can always check the 30 bonus sites that comes with the membership like Jr College Lesbians, Eat My Black Meat and Right Off The Boat.

Fucking Huge Tits

December 4th, 2009

Every time I go out for a date with a new chick, I make sure I check out how huge and delicious her tits are and for me, the bigger the better. They say that babes with huge racks are always proud to wear skimpy clothes to show off their fronts. And you got that right because I totally dig girls with massive titties. Just like the ones I saw on Melons, their racks are simply the best and it made me salivate over and over again just by looking at those gigantic tits. I imagine sticking my hard shaft between those meat mountains until I cum. I imagine myself fucking huge tits and cum all over it. They would love to have your man protein on their big fronts.

Hot Girls Fucking

December 2nd, 2009
POV Fixation

I like a woman with confidence, a woman who knows what she wants and, more importantly, how to get it. A definite sign of confidence is prolonged eye contact, and let me tell you there isn’t too many things hotter than a woman staring through you as she’s riding on your stiff shaft. So, it isn’t much of a surprise that I love POV Fixation. The set-up is your basic POV porn site featuring hot girls fucking the cameraman, but the catch is all of the hotties here engage in long gazes into the cameraman. They let you in to their world as they suck on his balls, stroke his cock or take it deep in their pussy. There are only 15 episodes with 15 accompanying hi-res picture sets, but the action contained is hot. The video quality is excellent and they accomodate both Windows Media and Quicktime formats.

Wet Pussy Fucking

November 27th, 2009
Hunting For Pussy

I envy guys who can hook up with hot girls anytime they want. Since they have the body and the right size to please these hotties, they can simply go out, flex their muscles and attract horny ladies nearby. I wish someday I can be like Marcus of Hunting For Pussy. He has the right attitude in attracting horny ladies. He acts as if he knows his every move and that he can get any chick he likes. The best thing about Marcus is how he pleases these babes’ pussies. They get so wet with just his tongue. What more if he uses his fucking cock? I imagine these babes having wet pussy fucking all day long with me and someday I can be like Marcus who gives them the best fuck of their lives.

Fuck Your Dream Gal

November 25th, 2009
Fuck A Fan

Is there a pornstar out there you’re in love with? Don’t you wish you’d have the opportunity to fuck her hard? You should know that trying to have hardcore sex with pornstars would be as easy as climbing Mt. Everest without proper equipment, but you may have the chance to have a go at them and get paid too with Fuck A Fan. This site is all about the common man reaching his dreams of having a porn scene with the likes of Nina Hartley and Angelina Ashe. So far there are 23 available scenes that can be downloaded into Windows Media format and the site updates weekly so you can be sure that there’s something new for you to look forward to every week. Not only that, there are also 27 bonus sites that come with your membership so if you’re not in the mood for beauties having sex with average Joes, you can visit Ghatto Confessions, Tampa Bukkake and Cock Sucking Championship.

Black Cock Lovers

November 23rd, 2009
Muh Dick

Being a horny dude myself, I know how much babes enjoy getting fucked by a huge hard cock. Sometimes, when they are stuck with some guy in a relationship, they can’t say it to their faces that they have small dicks, so they cheat whenever they go for a trip. And talk about chicks who enjoy black cocks, man, they sure slobber over those huge black dongs pounding their sweet tight pussies.
I sure enjoy watching these hot chicks from Muh Dick sucking black cocks that barely fit their mouths. I especially love the part where chicks see big black cocks for the very first time. It’s like giving a hungry lion its lunch. These lovely chicks are certified black cock lovers. The downside of this site is that it somehow made me feel insecure. I know my dick is not as big as those huge throbbing black cocks.

Tasty Asian Pussy

November 20th, 2009
Kung Pao Pussy

Every weekend I make it a point to get me some Chinese food takeout after hitting the bars to sober up on Kung Pao chicken. Well, that changed after I checked out the tasty offerings of Kung Pao Pussy. This site is filled with Asian chicks who can’t get enough of sucking on huge cocks and having their pussies banged that they’re screaming in delight. Most of their 89 downloadable and exclusive videos feature one-on-one action between a guy and a gal, but some have one guy having hardcore sex with two or more babes. There are no photos though and the site seems to have stopped updating, but joining the site will at least give you access to Brazil Bang, 18 Interracial, Phat White Booty and 49 other hardcore sites. That’s a good fortune crammed into one cookie for me!

Girls Getting Cummed On

November 4th, 2009
Throat Glue

Gone are the days when getting a facial meant having needles dig into your pores. Now you can simply suck a cock until your face is showered with warm cum. I sure as hell love watching sexy girls getting cummed on. Shit, I can almost imagine giving flawless hotties extreme cumshots in my kitchen, while they’re lying there on my counter.

Now if only I could get a chick as hot and horny as these babes in Throat Glue. You can just imagine how cum-hungry these hotties are, especially since this site houses about 96 vids of chicks getting creamed with ball batter on their mouths, faces and tits. You can also download older clips and save it in your iPod. I guess I’m sticking to that for now until I find a chick who’d love to suck all my warm glue into her throat.

Horny Young Teens

October 26th, 2009
18 Only Girls

Horny young teens are always a good fuck. Okay, that’s not true, I know. But it is if all 18-year-old girls are as sexy and horny as chicks in 18 Only Girls. We all know, though, that these girls aren’t as young as they claim to be. But who cares if they’re 20 or even 30, they sure look freaking young. And don’t even get me started with the horny meter in this site. These teens sure love fucking and they do it everywhere, with each other and even solo. Yep, you’ll get mixed treats here – from masturbating to clit-licking to cock-sharing.